How To Dress Your Home For Sale

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dress your home

Selling your home can be a challenge, especially when the market is struggling for buyers or you’re competing with other homes that are similar to your own. Here’s how to dress your home for sale so that you can give your property the best shot at getting sold!

Display The Room For Its Purpose

You may be using that second bedroom as a workout space or a dumping ground for all of your excess clutter. This isn’t going to reflect positively when potential buyers come to view it because they won’t necessarily have the ability to see those rooms as anything other than what’s in them. If you’re advertising a two-bedroom property, ensure that those two bedrooms have a bed or some form of bed so that it makes it a bedroom. Restore these rooms to its original purpose and that way you give those looking around, the correct perspective they need of your property. 

Declutter And Sell

The cost of moving house can be pricey so in order to sell it, you’ll need all the money you can lay your hands on. Declutter every room in the property and sell whatever you can that is sellable. This will help remove anything that would only clutter up your new home. When showing your home around to buyers, you want to keep it as clean as you possibly can. Viewings can happen last-minute but ensuring that the space is free of mess is something that you should be maintained at all costs. That might mean that you’re constantly cleaning up after yourself but it will all be worth it in the end. Ensure everything has a home and that the spaces in your home don’t look cluttered. You want the buyer to enjoy walking around the home. 

Fresh Flowers Are Simple Yet Effective

When you see a bouquet of flowers or ones blooming in a garden, they bring a feeling of joy. That’s something you want to emote within your home and that can be done simply by getting some fresh flowers. Try to keep them looking nice when viewings happen and if they’re dying, replace them. It might add up to a small amount but those flowers could add to the atmosphere and ambiance of your home. It’s homely and shows that a certain amount of care has gone into the property.

Let In The Daylight

Most viewings will likely take place during the day. This is because seeing a property in the evening is never going to show off its full potential. Natural daylight is what you need and if you’ve got heavy curtains or blinds closed during the day, it’s not going to make for an attractive look as buyers walk in. Leave the curtains or blinds open throughout the day, particularly if any viewings are going on while you’re at work or away from the home.
It’s all about appearance so when it comes to selling your home, make sure you use these tips to your full advantage.

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