Earth Day: a time to reflect on the planet and a greener future

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Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by that reach people in more than 193 countries. It is a great time to reflect on the slogan: ‘It doesn’t have to cost the earth’. So we thought we would bring together some of the initiatives and events happening around Earth Day and beyond in our part of the world. Making greener choices is becoming more accessible and retail is responding to shoppers wanting to make a positive difference with their preferences.

Feature by: Jean Hill

Planet Organic

Planet Organic bag

Planet Organic supermarket, is encouraging us to all make greener choices together this month, with educational content, sustainability blogs and discounts on some of their favourite sustainable products. The ‘Let’s Make Greener Choices Together’ campaign coincides with Earth Day celebrations.

Planet Organic is a long-standing champion of all things organic, natural and eco-friendly. The business is committed to zero edible food waste and prioritises plastic-free and compostable packaging too. The team is confident savings of up to 25% on both new and best-selling products will help customers in the fight against waste, pollution and climate change.

There are 55 organic and natural meat-free alternatives to choose from. You can save on certified organic products as well as 100% vegan, cruelty-free protein powders, supplements and other well-being products. There is a plastic-free range, from eco dental products and refill packs to hair and makeup products that helps reduce single-use waste. Sustainability is at the heart of everything to which this business commits.

There is an additional 15% saving across Planet Organic shopping using this link and the code GREEN15 until the end of May. 

Piccolo and partners recycle baby pouches

To Celebrate Earth Day 2021, founder of Baby Food Company Piccolo, Cat Gazzoli, goes the extra mile, launching the UK’s first 100% recyclable pouch. This is an important move for an industry which sells over 60 million non-recyclable pouches every year.

Piccolo has partnered with recycling scheme, First Mile, to ensure all parents can recycle their Yellow & Go pouches from home. The multipack box doubles up as a returns box, with a QR code that allows parents to simply download the free returns label to put on the box and send to First Mile. This system is in place as currently only 20% of local councils in the UK recycle this plastic kerbside.

Cat Gazzoli

Cat Gazzoli, founder of Piccolo believes that the time to act is now. Rather than wait for recycling standards to improve, she found a solution which allows consumers to recycle their pouches. Piccolo is taking steps now to ensure a greener future.

The launch is backed by one of the UK’s most experienced sustainability practitioners, Jonathon Porritt.  Jonathon comments: “Piccolo launching the UK’s first 100% recyclable baby food pouch shows its commitment to future generations at time where we’re facing a true climate emergency.  We must act now to change, and I hope that this move will encourage other brands to follow suit.”

Selfridges, Project Earth initiative events

This year to mark World Earth Day Selfridges are hosting a range of virtual Earth Day events. Can reselling and repairing our clothes really help tackle fashion’s environmental footprint? How can we make nature more accessible to communities that don’t have access to green space? Selfridges invite you to join pioneering experts and inspiring voices in the field of sustainability to explore these compelling questions and help them create a brighter future.

As good as new: can resale and repair create a brighter future for fashion?

How can re-wearing, repairing and buying pre-loved fashion help the environment? Can this make a real difference in an industry that churns out vast quantities of cheap, mass-produced clothes every day? How can we make the pieces in our wardrobes last a lifetime? Join author and fast fashion specialist Elizabeth L Cline and expert voices in environmental fashion as they discuss the significance of reselling, reworking and repairing fashion items in today’s climate. This is a great way to discover the positive ways in which this simple practice can help the cause while also learning some helpful tips to get you started.

Dates: Friday 23rd April

Time: 6-7pm

Tickets: Free

Climate activism: how can we create a new future?

How can we untangle this complex issue to inspire effective, thoughtful leadership for the future? And how can we communicate that this is the most pressing matter in the history of human civilisation without it being preachy and dull? We bring together a panel of experts who have each found creative and innovative ways to bring the climate change conversation to the forefront in what promises to be an inspiring and informative talk.

Dates: Saturday 24th April

Time: 6-7pm

Tickets: Free

For more information on Selfridges’ virtual and in-store events and gifting inspiration visit:

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