Easy updates for your home this autumn

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autumn accessories for the home

As the weather starts to feel decidedly autumnal, His & Hers has been looking at some quick and easy ways to update your home for the new season (as well as some more time consuming projects).

Make a list

bonsai tree & note pad

When you’ve lived in the same place for a while, you can find yourself walking through your home on autopilot, barely noticing what’s working for you and what isn’t. Walking around your home with a notepad and pen and jotting down anything that bothers you, from tiny things like a lightbulb that needs changing to a picture you’ve been meaning to put up, can be a great way to take stock. When you have a list, you can set about making your home work better for you, whether that means changing the layout, tackling some projects you’ve been putting off or even just setting aside some time for a house clean or de-clutter.

Consider your options

Kitchen Warehouse kitchen
Image via Kitchen Warehouse

As almost all of us have been spending more time at home this year, this can really put the focus on things you’d like to change (whether that’s splashing out on a new kitchen, having an outside space to relax in or creating a home office). Tackling these bigger projects, or considering a house move, is where things can get expensive. Before you commit to making a big investment, think about how much you really need to spend. For example, when updating your kitchen, you may choose to invest in new kitchen units and keep some or all of your existing appliances, or you might decide that buying new cupboard doors is a cost-effective way of giving your kitchen a new lease of life.

Cosy up

cosy autumn accessories for the home

As the nights begin to feel a lot cooler, there’s an undeniable appeal to getting cosy on the sofa, or heading to bed for an early night with a good book. Accessories like throws and cushions can be particularly welcome at this time of year, adding a comforting tactile element to the home. You may also want to add a little more low-level lighting in the evenings or light a few candles during the darker nights. Have a think about changes that could make your home feel cosier (for example, do you have flimsy blinds or curtains that you’re keen to replace, or would you like to add a rug in a room with stone or hardwood flooring?) And if you’re working to a tight budget, even tiny changes like opting for warm toned, rather than cool toned lightbulbs will make a difference.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Kitchen Warehouse, who offer a broad range of stylish kitchens for sale. The kitchen pictured is theirs, but the words are all our own.  

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