Encouraging wellness while you work

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In recent years, public health advice has started to focus on how we spend our working hours as well as how we spend our leisure time.

For example, the current NHS advice for office workers is to shake up their daily routine and take the stairs instead of the lift or get out of the lift a few floors early and use the stairs.

If you’d like to make a few small tweaks to your working week to feel healthier, the His & Hers team has some simple tips (that don’t involve perspiring at your desk after gruelling lunch break workouts!) to get you started.

Invest in the right kit for your work

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If you work from home, this might mean ensuring that your computer screen is positioned at the right level so that you’re not straining your eyes, your back or your neck, and ensuring that your chair and desk are comfortable to use. While for some careers you might need specialist clothing or equipment, such as hi viz vests to stay safe at work. If you’re self-employed, it could be worth drawing up a budget for the equipment you’re likely to need for work for the year ahead.

Integrate exercise into your day

When work gets hectic, it can be difficult to take breaks. However, if you can, fitting some exercise – such as a lunchtime walk – into your day can help to boost your health, improve your sleep and even help you think more clearly about the issues you’re trying to resolve during the workday. Also, if you’re working from home, booking a Zoom exercise class, so that you have a set time for exercise can help ensure that your good intentions don’t go by the wayside when things get hectic.

Take time to unwind


We’ve all had days when we struggle to shake off work-related worries in the evening. If you find that you’re thinking about work a lot, even during your time off, it could be worth taking steps to make it easier to switch off, such as writing a list of things to do the next day before you leave your desk, or incorporating a new habit, such as taking a hot bath or going for a walk once you’ve finished work before you settle down for the evening. This will potentially give you time to decompress.

Ask for help

woman talking on the 'phone

Whether you’d like more help from a manager, or some support from your partner or friends, sometimes asking for help can make a big difference. If you’ve been putting off asking for a little help or support, why not jot down the key points you’d like to make, then ask the person you need to talk to if there’s a convenient time to sit down for a chat. Many of us have put off asking for what we want, or admitting that we’re under pressure, at one time or another, but by enlisting some outside support, you’ll probably make big challenges seem more manageable. 

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