Entertaining This Summer? Get Your Garden Ready for Guests

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If you plan on entertaining this summer, then you may need to get busy outdoors and give your garden a bit of a makeover. You may need some professional help with certain things. But you can also get busy with some light cleaning and rearranging furniture to accommodate guests.

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Give Your House the Once Over

You may or may not decide to allow people indoors when you throw a summer BBQ party. But you still need to make sure the outside is OK. Coming out of winter and a somewhat cold spring, your home can take a battering. Consider hiring a plumber to check your drainage, or something very nasty indeed could happen in your garden. Also, have someone check your roof for loose tiles to ensure there is minimal chance of missiles coming off in the light summer breeze.

Install Some Shade for Entertaining This Summer

Basking in the sun is heaven for some people. But even sun lovers need some shade. Shade prevents your guests from essentially burning. And will reduce the chance of something terrible happening, such as heat exhaustion or sunstroke. At the very least, your guests will have somewhere comfortable to retreat to should the heat become unbearable. This is also recommended if you are serving alcoholic drinks at your next amazing summer “party”.

Make a Cosy Space for when the Sun Goes Down

In most places, especially the UK, it can get pretty cold when the sun goes down, even in the middle of summer. But if you want your guests to stay for some nighttime shenanigans, you can offer a cosy space for further merriment. An outdoor fire, such as with a trendy metal or brick pit, adds some amazing ambience. You can boost the cosiness with some warm blankets, solar lighting and LED string lights, and soft background music played at a reasonable volume.

Add Some Extra Flair for Entertainment 

Your garden can be whatever you want. And if you are to spend a lot of time outside, you can make it more entertaining and fun. Space is a factor, but there are some trending ideas you can try that will wow your guests without breaking the bank. Here are some things to try:

  • Get together and watch some movies with an outdoor projector.
  • Dress up a garden bar with plenty of drinks so people can help themselves.
  • Install an outdoor kitchen and BBQ for cooking while entertaining your guests.
  • Place speakers around the garden so they can be hard from anywhere.
  • Create a safe area for playing outdoor games or with water-based toys for kids.

The modern garden is much more than a sitting space. It is an extension of your home. As such, you can make it a wonderful space with some of the modern conveniences expected indoors.

Spring Clean Your Garden

Of course, a dirty and tired garden will be very off-putting and isn’t the safest space for entertaining guests. The rubbish will attract rodents and wildlife. While overgrown weeds and hedges can attract insects. And anything sticking out or falling off, such as fencing, is just asking for cuts and scrapes. So get your hands dirty and make your garden clean. Rubbish removal, hedge trimming and a good old hose down and brush can make a massive difference.

Entertaining This Summer Means Upgrades

When you relax in the garden, you want to be comfortable. Your seating area, especially, must be a great place to sit down and unwind. And any eating areas, such as an outdoor table and benches, must be comfy and spaced. You must also pay extra attention to spacing for those concerned about Covid, which is actually still around. A little rearranging can help you out.

Make Space for Eating Outdoors

Further to rearranging, making a dedicated eating area is useful. It will help prevent food from being dropped all over your pristine garden and other expensive garden furniture. Yet you can also make it special so people want to eat there. Place it near your BBQ or cooking area for a minimal chance of incidents. But also not too close as to be dangerous. Decorate it with ambient lighting, and dress the table as you would any other dining table to make it more inviting to eat.


If you are entertaining this summer, then you may need to make some changes to your garden space. First, make it safer with an external inspection. Then add some entertainment like an outdoor cinema. And also make the eating area much more appealing to your special guests.

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