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The Apprentice Bingo

Dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum. Yes, The Apprentice is back on our screens for a 15th series. Once again, we see a group of entrepreneurial hopefuls vie for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment. From questionable looks and slick one-liners to contestants throwing each other under the bus come the boardroom, we all know what to expect from the show by now.

If you love to play bingo games online and Lord Sugar and his trusty aides aren’t enough to glue you to the screen, we’ve got the perfect play-along combination: The Apprentice bingo. We’ve listed 25 scenarios that we’d expect to see in any given episode, so tick these off as you go. The winner is the person who spots the most by the end of the night. If you manage to get all 25, don’t forget to shout “you’re fired!”

So, what do you need to look out for?

1. The camera pans to an aerial shot of London by day

2. A contestant runs to answer the phone in their pyjamas or dressing gown

3. The camera cuts to frantic contestants trying to get ready in 20 minutes. Bonus point if you see female contestants removing rollers

4. Female contestants struggle to run in their stilettos

5. Lord Sugar mixes up the teams before the task starts

6. When selecting a Project Manager, a contestant says “I do this in my day job”

7. No-one puts themselves forward for Project Manager and someone who’s not confident gets roped in

8. A contestant doesn’t like what team they’re in when the Project Manager allocates the sub-teams

9. The camera cuts to Karren or Claude rolling their eyes or raising their eyebrows

10. A contestant holds the phone out in front of them while a team member is on speakerphone. Bonus point if the conversation occurs in the back of the cab

11. The team have an argument mid-task and the camera pans to Karren or Claude showing a look of despair

12. The camera cuts to contestants running around like headless chickens, trying to get rid of stock

13. The losing team fail to make any sales

14. The losing team fail to make any profit. Bonus point if Lord Sugar says “You lost me money!”

15. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar says “Karren or Claude tells me…”

16. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar says “It says here on your CV…”

17. A contestant punches the air when their team have won the task

18. In the boardroom, the contestant mutters “Can I just say, Lord Sugar?”

19. In the boardroom, Lord Sugar tells a contestant fighting their corner “Enough!” or to “Shut up!”

20. Lord Sugar says “It is with regret… you’re fired!”

21. The Project Manager isn’t fired

22. There’s a dramatic double firing

23. The camera pans to the black cab pulling away

24. The contestant in the black cab explains why their firing was the wrong decision. Bonus point if they say “He’ll regret firing me” or similar

25. The camera pans to an aerial shot of London by night

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