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Why would you want to make your home look larger inside? Well, there are a few reasons for this. Are you selling? If so, making your home look bigger or grander can increase the price that buyers will be willing to pay for it. The right design decisions could add as much as twenty percent to the overall market value of your home. Of course, making your home seem larger can also just be a benefit for you as the owner. Let’s face it, no one wants to feel like they are living in a cramped and cluttered home where the four walls are closing in. So, let’s look at a way to change things with these top design tips.

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A Well Placed Mirror

You may want to think about adding a full length or large mirror to a room in your home. In terms of visual perception, this can make an area or space look twice as large. It can also brighten up the place, and we’ll talk about that a little further down. This type of design choice is commonly used in the bathroom and the bedrooms. For instance, you can get wardrobes with mirrors on the doors. This an easy way to fit mirrors into the overall design and can look stunning. The only issue is finger marks so make sure that you do invest in some quality cleaning products. Grubby marks all over otherwise beautiful glass displays can ruin the effect completely. A lot of people think that mirrors are only suitable for certain rooms. But they can be great anywhere. For instance, you can get a gorgeous mirror splashback for the kitchen. Check them out, and you’ll see they could be the perfect option for making a tiny kitchen look magnificent.

Go Minimal

Do think about opting for a minimal design in your home. This is just about clearing up the clutter and determining what furniture you need and which items can be put away into storage. There are probably quite a few pieces that you want out, but you should treat your house like a show home. When you look around a show home, you’ll notice that they’re not cluttered at all. This is due to the fact designers want to make sure space speaks for itself. The right design here can make this easy to achieve. The image below is a great example of how a minimal design can make a room look grander without seeming bare.

home secrets 2Folding Furniture Is Smart

Folding furniture isn’t just for outdoors anymore. This is a great way to completely open up space and ensure that it looks far larger than it actually is. You  can get foldaway chairs and table for rooms in your home that can slip away out of sight in cupboards when they are not in use. If this sounds like a fantastic choice for your home, you’ll be pleased to hear that top designers have started to create products like this. They’re space-saving and still incredibly stylish.

Brighten It Up

Last but not least, you need to consider how to brighten up the place. There are plenty of possibilities here. But the best choice is to try and use the right lighting. Be careful when you choose light fixtures not to select designs that create shadows. Overhead sunken spotlights are a great contemporary option to avoid this issue.

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