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Cosmic Yoga

IT’S REALLY TEMPTING TO START ANY FEATURE ABOUT YOGA BY SAYING THAT IT’LL IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY, CALM YOUR MIND AND HELP YOU LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER. BASICALLY, IT’S ONE OF THE FASTEST AND CHEAPEST WAYS FOR YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE (IN A GOOD WAY). And if that’s not enough of an incentive, our friends at yin yan yoga recently shared this post explaining how yoga can help you feel less fatigued. And regular classes will even help you sleep better! The only problem with all this yoga-related enthusiasm is that as you’re already here looking for the best Liverpool yoga classes, we suspect we’re preaching to the choir.

Of course, Liverpool has a really large (and growing) number of yoga classes on offer. Therefore, if you’ve just started a new class, or visited one which you think really ought to be on the list, please do let us know. In the meantime, here are a few of our top picks:

Best Liverpool Yoga Classes:


Cosmic Yoga’s classes come very highly recommended by us. ‘Cosmic Cleary’ will take you through a series of poses which will build strength and flexibility, with her classes leading towards a carefully conducted relaxation period. The teacher’s clear passion for yoga, and determination to leave you feeling more relaxed, limber and in tune with your body and mind at the end of your time on the mat makes Cosmic Cleary someone who His & Hers will be raving about to anyone who’ll listen for the foreseeable future! You can find the brilliant Cosmic Yoga on Instagram.

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We salute Yin Yan Yoga for bringing pop-up yoga classes to Liverpool’s business district and helping hundreds of office workers to carve out a lunch-break, or post-work, oasis of calm on the yoga mat. If you haven’t already tried Emma Davidson’s excellent lunchtime express class from 12.05pm on Tuesdays, ‘Yoga for Everybody’ class from 5.45pm on Wednesday, or beginner-friendly express class at 12.30pm on Thursday, we’d heartily recommend them all!

Emma’s classes are paced so as to pose a challenge for all levels, with different modifications suggested for the poses, and no matter how hectic your working day is, you’ll float out after the relaxation session at the end. Single Yin Yan classes cost £7, but a range of offers are available with big discounts when booking more than one class at a time. Tel. 0151 236 7620,

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If your working week tends to leave you feeling mentally as well as physically tired and you find it hard to switch off, Yin is the yoga practice you need. Designed to complement the faster pace of the other classes we’ve recommended, in Yin, you’ll hold the poses for longer (sometimes for up to eight minutes), allowing you to relax more deeply into stretches. Yoga is sometimes described as a moving meditation and if this is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Yin. Paul Wooding’s enthusiasm and expertise are hard to resist and it’s a joy to discover a quiet, slow class is our fast-paced world. Class times: Tuesdays from 6.30pm-7.45pm at Liverpool Yoga Studios. The drop-in price for this class is £7, but discounts are available when booking more than one class. Tel. 0151 236 1375,


Yoganation is where His & Hers first became utterly hooked on yoga. This was Liverpool’s first dedicated hot yoga studio and it’s still a great place to book a hot class the way they’re meant to be enjoyed, with classes conducted in a perfectly regulated temperature and with well trained teachers. Yoganation also offers a range of non-hot classes, but it’s well worth trying one of their popular hot classes. We know there are a lot more hot yoga options available in Merseyside now than there were when Yoganation launched, but they remain one of the most popular perhaps in part due to the investment they made in their heating system (we have tried a few ‘hot’ studios, which, due to challenges with heating systems were merely warm… still lovely, but if it’s a hot studio you want, it is sometimes worth, ahem, hotfooting it to a studio that specialises in this). Hot classes at Yoganation cost £8 and discounts are available for block bookings. Tel. 0151 345 4676,

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Stu Alexander has been bringing some of the best Liverpool yoga classes to the city for years now and has created a really strong timetable of both hot and warm classes at the Old Hall Street based Yoga Hub. His & Hers can heartily recommend the beautiful Relax and Restore by Candlelight classes, from 5.30pm-6.30pm on Fridays, which are the perfect way to unwind and ease into the weekend. We also like the fact that they offer a warm option for those who want a little heat to ease into stretches, but don’t always want to leave classes perspiring. And for those times when it is a genuinely hot class you crave, rest assured that Yoga Hub also delivers with a nice modern heating system to keep the temperatures predictable. Drop-in prices are £9 per class and offers are available. Tel. 0151 227 2922,

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