Five Must-Visit Art Galleries in London

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London is the bustling metropolis that many worldwide think of when they imagine the United Kingdom. With a population of almost nine million and counting, the capital hosts a wide variety of amenities and activities. You will certainly never be bored!

At the same time, the city plays host to a wide variety of art galleries. Establishments big and small, you can find them standing out amongst the skyline and hidden away among the many side streets.

Interested in exploring these art galleries? Read on to discover some of the must-visit art galleries in London and where to find them!

Tate Modern and Tate Britain

Visitors to London should add these powerhouses to their must-visit lists. Tate Modern is housed on the bank of the River Thames and provides visitors with a collection of British and International modern art. Easy to spot in the London skyline, people wishing to visit either of the Tate museums in London can expect free entry, with tickets required for specific exhibits.

On the other hand, Tate Britain houses more contemporary art than those pieces found in Tate Modern. Housed in the Pimlico area of London in the City of Westminster, visitors can marvel at art from the sixteenth century through to the present day.

Saatchi Gallery

Make your way into the London borough of Chelsea, and you will find the contemporary art gallery, the Saatchi Gallery. Founded by and displaying the art collection of art mogul Charles Saatchi, visitors to this art gallery can expect to see pieces from notable artists such as Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly. What’s more, there are dedicated sections in the gallery, enabling up-and-coming artists to showcase their work.

Much like its larger counterparts mentioned above, entry to the Saatchi Gallery is free year-round. You could even set aside a day where you visit each gallery back-to-back without needing to spend a penny on entry fees!

National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery

Tourists and residents of London are sure to have seen these majestic buildings during their ventures throughout the capital. The National Gallery is housed in Trafalgar Square and has been featured in the background of many blockbuster films. Visitors to The National Gallery will be provided with over two thousand different pieces of art spanning numerous centuries. It is truly a walk through time and art styles.

Immediately next door to The National Gallery, you will find The National Portrait Gallery. As the name suggests, this art gallery is solely made up of portraits of historically important British natives; a perfect place to explore for those history fans among us! A recurring theme, entry to this gallery is also free, but some exhibits are ticketed only. Due to a major redevelopment project, The National Portrait Gallery is currently closed and is not set to reopen until 2023.

Naturally, there are smaller galleries dotted throughout the streets of London, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. That being said, these are undoubtedly up there as some of the must-visit galleries in London; we hope you take the time to pay them a visit in the coming months!

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