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To some people that means investing in the most expensive names in bathroom and kitchen design and packing some great gadgets into those key rooms. However, here at His & Hers we think that taking your time to reflect on how you’ll really use the space and considering the everyday luxuries that may not cost a fortune, but will enhance your day, is really the most important part of the planning process.

For example, you may well end up relishing your under-floor heating on chilly mornings much more than those expensive imported tiles. And getting the ergonomics right counts for just as much (if not more) than the overall look of your bathroom, especially if you or a member of your family has a disability.

Erm, did we mention that we’re a tad obsessed with getting the layout right and avoiding style over function, which is where companies like Adaptio come into their own. If you’re about to give your bathroom a makeover, here are our five top tips from the His & Hers team.

  1. Have a think about which design details really impress you in hotel bathrooms. Is it the twin sinks, an indulgent bath tub, underfloor heating, a great mirror or a shower so good you’re reluctant to leave it? We can get so used to our own homes that we don’t necessarily notice their best and worst features after a while, but chances are that the things you really notice and appreciate in a hotel bathroom are the same details you’ll enjoy in your own home. So don’t be afraid to take pictures or make a quick note of anything you love while you’re away.
  2. It’s so easy to fall for expensive fixtures and fittings in the showroom and decide that nothing but the best will do for your dream bathroom, scrapping your budget in the process (ahem, based on personal experience). However, once the dust has settled (both literally and figuratively) and you’re enjoying your new bathroom, the practicalities will count more than those fancy finishes. Especially if you or one of your family members has a disability. When researching for this feature, we checked out Adaptio, whose disabled showers look super stylish, but have been very carefully designed with accessibility in mind. Yes, we know, ‘accessibility’ doesn’t sound as sexy as, say, ‘marble travertine tiles,’ for example. But by thinking about this sensible stuff up front, you’ll have one less thing to worry about once the last tile’s been grouted and the paint has dried.
  3. We’ve said it before, but we can’t resist mentioning it again. Underfloor heating won’t look as glamorous as a roll-top bath or power shower when it’s being installed, but when you’re getting up ready for work and bracing yourself to leave your warm bed, trust us when we tell you that your feet really will thank you for this small expenditure.
  4. If your bathroom doesn’t need a complete revamp, but could do with a bit of a freshen up, consider making some small changes like re-sealing the bath and sink, investing in some fresh towels and perhaps a new mirror or bathroom cabinet, or even hiring a cleaner to get the room gleaming. If you still haven’t fallen back in love with your bathroom after making these changes, you’ll know it’s time to get saving for a proper bathroom makeover!
  5. If you’re tight on space, don’t be afraid to prioritise. If you love soaking in an indulgent bath, it may be better to opt for a large bath with a shower, rather than compromising with a small bath and small shower and ending up with a room that feels cramped.

If you have a few bathroom tips of your own to add, we’d love to hear them. And if you’ve just invested in a new bathroom, we’d love to see your pics (see social media details below). We’ll be back soon with more His & Hers interiors inspo…

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