Five tips on how to make the most of a small bedroom

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Struggling to furnish and decorate your small bedroom? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. There are many ways of organising your space to make it seem bigger than it really is, and you can do this without compromising on style. In fact, even the tiniest box rooms have potential if the layout is correctly planned and furniture is placed strategically. Read on for our guide on how best to utilise your small bedroom.

1.    Create a feature wall

feature wall

A feature wall is one interior wall that is different from the others in the room, and can showcase things like patterned wallpaper, a block colour, or even a textured print to add style and personality to a room. This adds life and vibrancy to your small bedroom without overdoing the prints or colours. Another option is to create a gallery wall with your favourite pieces of art, which can be positioned in different layouts to suit your tastes. However, for this to look the part, you should consider having your art professionally framed in order to have matching frames crafted for all your artwork, regardless of the shape or size of individual pieces. A specialist company will be able to work with you throughout your project, such as Soho Frames, which offers clients a “complete end-to-end service for one-of-a-kind frames”, ensuring your feature wall remains uniform with the same high-quality frames for your pieces.

2.    Let natural light in


Natural light can make your bedroom seem bigger, acting as an optical illusion by adding a luminous airiness to the space. Light can even lift your spirits on the dreariest winter day, improve your health, as well as save on energy and your electricity bill. As such, you should allow it to shine brightly where possible. When arranging your furniture, consider keeping the space near the window clear to minimise any blocking of light. You should also avoid venetian blinds as these will restrict the daylight if they’re not drawn up.

3.    Incorporate pastel shades

woman on a bed

Light colours, like stark white, light taupe, and blush pink, will radiate your small space, making the room appear bigger. This is because these shades are reflective and help maximise the effect of natural light, while darker tones can be claustrophobic. White walls, for instance, visually open your room and give you the freedom to experiment with colour and pattern elsewhere. Colourful fabrics can then take centre stage without overcrowding your room. Creams and beiges are timeless choices when it comes to picking your carpet, however, throwing in the occasional warm tone will prevent your small bedroom from looking clinical.

4.    Choose multi-functional furniture

bedroom furniture

You may feel that a small bedroom restricts your storage options, but having the right bed can double up as a functional unit and help you make better use of the space. For instance, a bed with drawers underneath or a headboard designed with shelves behind it means you don’t necessarily need a bulky bedside table that takes up floor space. You can also create the illusion of more space by incorporating storage higher up instead of overcrowding your bedroom floor. Floating shelves are ideal for this, as is a bespoke fitting installed above your bed to create a streamlined look that doesn’t appear cluttered.

5.    Use mirrors and mirrored furniture


Adding mirrors and mirrored furniture is a strategic method of making your small bedroom seem larger than it really is. This is because the reflective surfaces create an optical illusion, allowing light to bounce around the room. Opt for decorative wall mirrors, furniture with glass, chrome or mirrored accents, and metallic light features, which will reflect light back into the room, brightening and opening up the space.

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