Can a traditional front door suit a modern home?

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If your front door is ready for an update, the obvious choice can be to exactly match the style of your replacement door to the period of your home.

However, here at His & Hers, we think that opting for a like-for-like replacement for your old door is not always the best option. For starters, if you invest in a virtually identical door, you’re unlikely to notice or appreciate the difference.

Also, taking a little more time to look at different styles and really think about how your door could add to your home’s kerb appeal could pay off in the long-run. Look for trusted door & window installers like Global Windows and don’t dismiss the idea of mixing old and new to create a classically contemporary style.

Here at His & Hers, we appreciate that it can be really tempting to play it safe and to keep your door and windows looking exactly the same for decades. However, even making a subtle change can really enhance the appearance of your house. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, it could be worth taking a look at how others have given a modern home a touch of traditional charm, or how owners of period properties have subtly added contemporary design touches. For example, black modern windows on traditional stone houses are very fashionable at the moment and can look very effective.

Also, if you’ve had a classic black door for years, perhaps it’s time to finally shake things up a little. Global windows offer colour doors to suit any home and trying a smart new shade, such as duck egg blue, is a great way to gently update the look of your home, giving it a smart appearance before you’ve even walked through the door.

Also, when you’ve chosen a door you love, why not invest in a really good quality door mat for the exterior of your home. Again, this will help to make your home look smart and cared for even before you open the door!

By making these updates, you’ll be putting your own stamp on your home (and avoiding becoming a slave to the period in which it was built). This will prevent your design style from becoming stale and will give you far more options.

At His & Hers, we’ve certainly noticed that whereas a few years ago, most people tended to be quite conservative when choosing exterior paint shades, possibly getting a little more creative with their interior design schemes, these days, people are more likely to mix things up a bit when choosing exterior paint colours – giving bloggers plenty of pastel shade walls to pose against!

Whether you ultimately choose a contemporary or traditional style for your door and windows, our main advice would be that the style ‘rules’ for windows, doors and exterior paint shades really are starting to loosen up these days, so if there’s a style you’d love to go for, but you feel nervous about making any updates, 2019 could be a great year to embrace your own sense of style and have the confidence to create a home that you’ll love spending time in!

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