Full Body Workouts Which Can Make Your Body Feel Younger

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Ageing can come with a lot of challenges. With your body potentially unable to do the things you used to find easy, pain and medical conditions coming from nowhere, and the risk of hurting yourself when you try things which are too extreme, it makes sense that staying in shape can feel harder as we get older. When you’re struggling with challenges like this, though, one of the best ways to stay looking and feeling younger is to exercise. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some full-body workouts which are safe, fun, and will help to make your body feel younger than it actually is.


To start, it’s time to think about an exercise which everyone knows is good; swimming. People have used this sort of workout for hundreds of years, with the different types swimming strokes you have available making it possible to work your entire body. As long as you’re able to keep your head above the water, this sort of activity is very safe, with pulled muscles being just about the only injury you can sustain while doing it. You will almost certainly have a swimming pool close to you, and most will run classes for those who want to learn more about their time in the water.

Skipping Ropes

This next option is a little more intense than swimming, and most people will associate it more with kids than adults. Skipping ropes are an excellent fitness tool, though, and you can adapt the sort of workout you do to target just about every part of your body. It might take a little while to nail the techniques you’re going to use, but this will be worth it. Boxers, runners, and loads of other athletes will use this sort of workout to condition themselves. You can find a cheap skipping rope on Amazon, and there are loads of guides around the web which can teach you how to skip.

Resistance Bands

A lot of people worry about working with weights, especially as they get older and their bones become more brittle. However, weights aren’t the only way to make yourself stronger, and there are some much safer options available on the market. Resistance bands can be used to work your entire body, making it possible to go through an exercise which will make you a lot stronger, without having to risk using dangerous weights. Like skipping, you may need to learn a thing or two before your first workout with bands, but this will be worth it to ensure that you’re getting a great workout with long-term benefits.

Battle Ropes

It’s rare to find a sportsperson successfully kicking off their own fitness trend, with a lot of the methods people use being very old. Battle ropes haven’t been around for a long time, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t provide the right kind of workout. Working your whole body, loads of professional athletes and sports people are using these tools. Not only are they cheap and effective, but you can use them just about anywhere, making them perfect for those who move around a lot or don’t have very much space. You can find more information about Battle Ropes on sites across the web.


This next workout isn’t going to be one for those with joint problems or a fear of heights. However, climbing provides an incredibly good workout. There are loads of ways to go about trying this sort of activity, though most people will have to go with what they have in their local area. Bouldering is one of the best options, as it doesn’t force you to use ropes and harnesses, instead having low climbing walls and soft floors to catch any falls. Of course, some people may not be able to do this in their old age, but it can still be worth a try, especially if you think you’ll find it fun.


Moving onto something a little less intense than the last few options, yoga is a great form of exercise, especially for those with limited mobility. While it may not get your heart racing, this sort of activity will make you stronger and more flexible and will help to burn fat, impacting your overall health by a surprising margin. You can do this from home, at the gym, or even somewhere outdoors, like the park. With a big boom in popularity over the last couple of decades, it’s easy to find loads of places which are offering this sort of workout, and a lot of them are very cheap or free to use. All you need is a mat and clothing which doesn’t restrict you.

Body Weight

Not a lot of people realise that they have all of the tools they need for a full body workout on their body. Press ups, squats, lunges, and a whole host of other exercises can be used which rely on your body weight as the main resistance force. Of course, as time goes on, you may want to add some weights into the mix, as you will get strong enough to lift yourself with ease. This sort of approach is very safe as long as you maintain proper form throughout your workouts. YouTube is a good place to look for help with this, with countless videos showing you how to handle certain workouts.

Exercise Balls

Next up, it’s time to think about something which can help to improve your strength, fitness, and even things like your balance. Exercise balls have been around for a long time, though a lot of people don’t take them very seriously. In reality, using a tool like this is a great way to tone up and make yourself feel just a little bit younger. By doing the right exercises, you will be able to target specific areas, helping to reduce the pain you feel in your joints and bones. Some exercises aren’t safe, but you should be able to get a good idea of the best to choose by simply researching the options you have.

Running & Jogging

It’s easy to assume that going for a jog will only impact your legs. With this part of your body doing the bulk of the work, it would make sense that they are the only area which feels the strain. In reality, though, this sort of workout can also have a good impact on your back and your core muscles, along with working your arms and shoulders. Those with bad knees or hips should probably avoid running too much, and you should always keep to soft surfaces, like grass, but this sort of workout is usually very safe. The first run will probably make you hurt a little, but this will be well worth it.

There are a lot of different exercises available in the modern world, with plenty of tools to help you with them. Resources like YouTube and blogs can help you to learn about the workouts you want to perform, while stores like Amazon and eBay can help you to fill in the gaps. Of course, though, it’s always worth trying something like this out before you invest in it, with a lot of the work you have to do being challenging. If you don’t like an exercise, it’s usually worth moving on to something else, as it will be hard to sustain something which you don’t enjoy.

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