Spreading Fun Through The House For Spring

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There might come a time when you stand back and look at your interior design in the house and feel like it is just too dull and boring. When we have lived with the same decor for a long while it can easily become boring to us and this can cause us to look for new ways to make the home feel bright and new.

Today, the His & Hers team has been taking a look at some small ways to make the home more fun this year.

Add a children’s art wall

If you have kids, this can be a great way to keep them occupied during the day at the weekends and it will also provide the house with a fun feature for you to enjoy. If you have some blank wall space in the living room or the dining room, paint the whole wall with chalkboard paint and then buy a few packets of chalk for the kids to use. They can spend their days doodling on the wall and this can be exactly what you need for some fun and colour in the home.

Make a mosaic

If you have the same old white bathroom tiles in the bathroom, why not mix things up a bit and turn one of your walls into a giant mosaic? You can buy mosaic tiles online and these can come together to create a colourful and fun design for any room of the house. It can be a fun project for you to try this weekend and you’ll end up with a colourful mural on the wall which will breathe life into the whole room.

Puns… we’ve got them

If you love a good joke now and again, why not use your love for jokes to buy some pun-based artwork for the house? You can find lots of amazing jokes for the kitchen to do with fruit and vegetables and cheese… and who can say they wouldn’t laugh at a grate cheese joke? (See what we did there) have some fun looking on Etsy for funny art prints and fill your home with some of your fun loving personality.

Paint a mural

If you are an artistic soul at heart and you want to make the home feel more exciting this year, there is nothing to stop you painting a huge mural on one of your walls. You could paint some of your favourite cartoon and film characters, paint a woodland scene or a sunset, or simply use fun geometric patterns on the walls. Be creative and you’ll make something which is unique to you and to your home.

Think outside the box

Have you ever seen those awesome houses which have a slide from the bedroom to the kitchen below? Who’s to say you can’t do this in your own house? If you have seen some amazing ideas such as a wine cellar underneath the kitchen floor or a secret den under the stairs… take advantage and try it out for yourself! This is your living space so you can do anything you want with it and it will bring out your character and personality for the world to see.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Deco Stones. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page.

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