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When you’re a dab hand in the kitchen you probably already have your favourite tools and tricks  of the trade but there are plenty out there that are designed to make your favourite hobby even more fun. We bring you six of the best gadgets that you didn’t even realise you needed until you read this post. Perfect for you or the person in your life who spends the most time cooking up a storm.

All things avocado

A woman holding an avocado, which has been cut in half

Because this superfood needs its own tool so what better than a 3-in-1 gadget that helps you to peel, stone and slice all in one small and easily storable piece of kit.

Soft to hold and easy to grip, this is the perfect accessory for the cook who has everything.

Foldable measuring spoons

colourful foldable measuring spoons

These super handy little gadgets simply slot into each other when not  in use, making them easy to hide away when not needed. Get perfect, consistent measurements each time and never find yourself hunting down the right spoon again,

Slow cooker

Russell Hobbs slow cooker with a chalk board surface with 'Charlie's Chicken Curry' written on it

Could this be just the thing you need to save mealtimes? Get everything chopped up the night before and just hit on as you head out of the door and you’ll have the perfect family meal ready for you when you walk back through the door, not to mention a house full of tantalising aromas.

With a keep warm function for anyone joining you later and high or low settings, you’ll have dinner at the time you need.

Clear toaster

Magimix clear toaster

Fed up with burning your bagels or cremating your crumpets? This clear toaster is the groundbreaking design guaranteed to toast your bread products to perfection. Stay glued as you see your toast turning the perfect colour before popping it up.

Perfect for the fussiest of toast eaters and more interesting than watching TV.

Water filters

Black sink pictured with tap running

These may not spring to mind straight away but if you live in a hard water area or have older pipes then you’d be surprised the difference domestic water softeners systems for the home can make.

Tea and coffee will taste infinitely better not to mention the water you carry around in your reusable bottle throughout the day.

Can strainer

tin cans pictured from above

This very handy little cap first perfectly over a can and allows you to drain off the liquid with the flip of a tin. It can be inverted to fit over different shapes and takes the hassle out of finding that strainer under the sink. It ensures that you get all the liquid out and is a great addition to a kitchen collection.

Every kitchen enthusiast loves gadgets, so make sure you find the right mix of practical and fun for the chef in your life. From avocado cutters, measuring spoons that give you the option of a variety of sizes and toasters that get your bread toasted just the way you like to water filters that find your perfect flavour tea, you’re bound to impress with this quirky but accessible collection that covers a variety of styles and budgets.

We’re proud to bring you this feature in association with TRIXES and World Class Water. For more culinary inspiration, please pay a visit to our food & drink page.

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