Cleaning and maintaining your garden for the summer

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We are finally saying goodbye to the winter and saying hello to the spring and summertime. With that in mind, it’s time to start planning some cleaning and to maintain your garden, so it looks great for the warmer months. Year on year, the British public wastes £672 million on our gardens because we don’t know how to take care of them throughout the winter period.

To make the most out of the spring and summer months, it’s best to get the maintenance done as early as your can. So, to help! we’ve brought you this article which will advise you and how you can fix your garden to enjoy throughout the warmer months.

Tidy up your garden

First task to begin with, would to be to give your garden a tidy. There’s no doubt your garden may have become out of control no thanks to the winter season, so begin with waste and weed removal to get rid of unwanted intruders. Hold off on intricate plans to include a water feature or garden shed for now, because it’ll be wasted on a messy garden. Although it may seem to take forever, it will instantly look a whole lot better.

For any decking in the garden. Give it a good sweep and clear away any dirt, debris and fallen leaves that may have built up throughout the winter season. High-pressure cleaners can be particularly useful in removing tough, stubborn marks. You can also do this on concrete areas, examining for broken or chipped tiles that could be replaced for a more presentable look.

If you have fencing and sheds, why not give them a fresh lick of paint. Chances are that the harsh winter weathers would have left them looking beaten and run down.

Staying on sheds, it may also be a good idea to declutter yours. Although the inside of your shed is far from visible, a build-up of mess can make garden maintenance that little bit tougher and demotivating.

Introduce some garden furniture

Are you thinking your garden’s looking bit bare and empty, why not add some furniture to add a social element to your space? If you do have a relatively small garden, adding a hammock will take up less space. If you can fit garden furniture, placing it at the bottom of the garden will make your garden appear bigger rather than taking up a lot of space. Including a mirror in your garden adds a quirky touch, also making your garden appear larger. Just make sure it’s reflecting something appealing like a nice area of flowers or decoration.

For al-fresco dining, BBQs are essential! There are a range of BBQs to choose from, including charcoal, electric or gas BBQs, instantly turning your outside area into a fun haven. Although the British weather is notoriously unpredictable, when the sun shines, there is a national rush for a good, tasty BBQ. And when the night comes and the temperature cools, consider investing in an outdoor heater to keep everyone cosy.

Add colour to your garden

Unless you’re a gardening expert, any plants and flowers you had last year would have likely withered throughout the cold period, so it’s time to nurture them back to good health. Make sure you don’t start too late! Plan ahead and get started early on fixing up your garden. It’s always a good idea to incorporate some hanging baskets into your garden, which look good all year round. If you plan on blossoming some beautiful flowers for the summer, start planting them in April, and be prepared to shield them from frost that could last into May. Calibrachoa and blue petunia flowers are ideal for baskets due to their weather resistant abilities. If you plan on planting other flowers, make sure you research optimum planting time so that your garden has full potential this summer.

How to make your garden attractive to wildlife

Why not consider adding a water feature, such as a pond or bird bath? Not only do that look great in your garden, they also attract fascinating wildlife and animals to your space too. An essential consideration during the current climate, providing food and water for birds and other animals will help support them during tough times and cold months.

Water features don’t just benefit animals either, they also create a soothing ambience outside, which can improve your mood and make you happier.

These are just a few tips that can ensure your garden is looking it’s best this summer. So, all you need to do is warmer months while you can!

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