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As we start putting some of our summer clothes away ready for autumn, Nancy Buckland Kirk speaks to self-tanning expert, Claire Lambert, about how to maintain our summer glow all year round.

At the end of what feels like a lovely stretch of extended summer I have a confession to make: I don’t have a hint of a tan. I get my Vitamin D fix, and then I run for cover. I am getting more and more pigmentation issues in the sun, so now if I want a glow, I opt for the faux version. Self-tans are now of such brilliant quality that there is something out there for every skin type and price point.

Before I begin, I wanted to mention exfoliation. Of course, we tend to think of this as really grainy scrubs, but now that skincare includes body products with their own performance levels, it’s great to opt for something a lot gentler, which you can use more often, for skin that stays hydrated and smooth. My favourite at the moment is Messiah and Eve Body Cleanser 02 (£21) which has a premium blend of ingredients, which gently cleanse, exfoliate and promote skin renewal. I love this range: it is vegan, cruelty free, recycled and recyclable. Containing skincare goodies AHA, niacinamide, Vitamin E and pentavitin, this blend really promotes protecting the skin barrier, too.

Messiah and Eve body cleanser
Messiah and Eve Body Cleanser 02 (£21)

When it comes to self-tanning, I next caught up with one of my favourite experts, Claire Lambert. Claire has just started a new role for Skinny Tan, who have called on her to be one of their go-to tanning advisors. She has the best tan tips, and also delivers faultless self-tans for her clients. I wanted to check in with her to get the latest news, to make sure I go into autumn looking healthy, and streak-free!

Claire, I have known you for nearly a decade now. How did you get started in the industry?

My love for fake tan started from my first ever application back in 2001! This ignited my passion for all things tanning and gave me the inspiration and drive to share the confidence a healthy glow can give you!

I adore the tanning industry and how it is ever evolving. I truly believe a bit of fake tan helps boost body confidence for anyone and everyone!

I have been in the beauty industry for over a decade, specialising in tanning. Since launching my own bespoke spray tanning service, I have worked with many influencers, sports figures and VIP’s, and worked on projects for photoshoots, filming and stage work. I am also very proud to have had my expertise seen in some of the UK’s beauty press including His and Hers Mag, The Salon Mag and numerous tanning blogs within the beauty industry. However, visiting my clients, new and existing, and giving the time and dedication to finding the right tan for every occasion, every skin tone and lifestyle, is what I am best known for.

Claire, you’ve just started your dream role, tell us more about it?

It was such a huge honour for me when Skinny Tan asked me to come on board as their Resident Tanning Expert as I have been a huge fan of the brand for many years now. I have been welcomed into the Skinny Tan team with open arms, meeting some of the brand’s most fabulous people along the way. The people behind the Skinny Tan brand are incredibly inspiring, passionate, and knowledgeable and I am loving sharing my expert insight, experience, and ideas with such wonderful people! I especially love getting to share my tanning tips and advice with the Skinny Tan fans. They are such a fabulous community!

We also have some exciting events planned for the coming months that really show the passion and creativity that goes into the core values of the brand, one of which is by sharing our skin-loving, natural self-tans alongside promoting body confidence for all!

The range at Skinny Tan is really comprehensive. Do you have any personal favourites so far?

Body Glow daily gradual tanner
Body Glow Daily Gradual Tanner (£6.99)

This all depends on what I’m tanning for! I do love the Body Glow Daily Gradual Tanner (£6.99) for keeping me glowing every day alongside the Coconut Water Tanning Face Drops (£14.99)! A gradual tanner is perfect for this time of year, for a subtle finish, and the tanning drops contain Q10, to boost hydration. They are also great for buildable coverage – you get to choose! 

Skinny Tan  coconut water tanning face drops
Coconut Water Tanning Face Drops (£14.99)

For a deeper tan, I normally go between the Tan and Tone Oil (£24.99) or the Moisture Mousse Express (£31.99). The oil-based tanner is so moisturising, and is perfect for this time of year when skin can feel a little dry. And the mousse formulation is one that I can apply and it develops in super-quick time.

The Body Glow is also great for using daily to keep your skin hydrated and your fake tan topped up!

Even seasoned self-tanners make mistakes. What are your top tips for creating the perfect tan at home?

Always prepare your skin prior to tanning; exfoliate 48 hours before alongside any hair removal, moisturise any dry areas before applying your fake tan including elbows, knees, ankles, and hands, and then take your time applying using a fresh, clean tanning application mitt. These basics will set you up for a great, long-lasting tan.

Some other top tips I always share are to use a tan with a guide colour if you struggle with getting an even application, wash hands after applying any gradual tanners, and try using some face tanning drops to keep your face and hands topped up!

I share more of my top tanning tops weekly over on my Instagram and Facebook pages as well as hosting LIVE videos on the Skinny Tan Facebook page! So be sure to follow and look out for those as they are helpful and super fun.

After my chat with Claire she helped me solve a real problem. I do love tanning drops, but if they don’t have a colour guide, I always miss a bit, and when it’s your nose, it looks a bit odd! So after Claire showed me how to mix them with tinted moisturiser, I can see exactly what I’m doing. Problem solved.

I’m really looking forward to this beauty season. Last year was obviously a little disjointed, but as I look at all of the trends already emerging from New York Fashion Week, and with London, Milan and Paris yet to come, plus all of the beauty brands getting ready to launch their new collections and innovations, we’ll be spoilt for choice. I’m still going for a bit of a glow, though. And thanks to Claire, I have picked up skills that will give me a professional finish.

Having two different shades of ear on either side of your face could become a trend, but I’ll leave that one to someone far more directional than I, though.

Happy Autumn, beauty lovers!

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