Getting Out of a Rut

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If you’re starting to feel like your weeks always follow the same old routine, and you want to get out of your comfort zone, especially if you’re single and want to increase your chances of meeting someone new, His & Hers shares some simple tips for getting out of a rut.

Book a holiday


If you keep daydreaming about booking a holiday, but never quite seem to get round to it, or you aren’t keen to travel solo and potentially end up surrounded by couples, booking a singles holiday could be a great way to liven up your diary and break your routine. Also, if you’re thinking about making some changes in your life (from applying for a new job to taking up a new hobby) sometimes it’s easier to think about the changes you’d like to make in a different environment away from everyday pressures and deadlines.

Re-connect with old friends


When life gets busy, it can be challenging to make plans with friends – especially when everyone seems to be juggling equally full diaries. And staying in touch by ‘phone can seem like much less hassle than co-ordinating catch-ups. But spending time with friends is a powerful happiness booster and if you’re feeling ready to make some positive changes in your life, but don’t know where to start, it’s likely that the people who know you best will have some helpful suggestions.

Get moving


If you want to lift your mood, or feel less stressed, simply getting up from your desk and going for a brief walk can be a great way to lift your mood and to burn off excess calories. Also, inviting a work colleague or friend to join you for your walk can be an excellent way to socialise while incorporating some gentle exercise into your day. If you’ve been thinking of trying something new – such as joining a gym or taking a class, why not make a really small step – such as booking a gym induction or signing up for a single class, to help you get started?

Add one new plan to your week

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If you find that you go to the same bar or café or exercise class every week and you’re starting to feel like one week blends into the next, why not add just one new plan to your week to shake things up a bit. Maybe you haven’t been to the cinema for years, or there’s a class you never quite get round to joining, or maybe you’d just like to take some time to stroll on a nearby beach or in the park. Whatever you choose, just by adding one new plan to your week, you can start to make your schedule feel a little less predictable.

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