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new car feeling

Regular readers may have noticed that the His & Hers team believe in savouring life’s everyday luxuries. Sometimes this means investing in the best, but sometimes it just involves slowing down to really appreciate that perfect cup of tea or coffee in the morning and taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life. For most of us, one of the everyday luxuries that we’d particularly enjoy is the sensation of getting into a pristine new car every day. If this appeals to you, here are a few of the His & Hers team’s top tips for enjoying the new car lifestyle without the need for a driveway full of Ferraris!

Get your car detailed

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Whether you’ve just bought a new car and want to tweak the finish so it perfectly reflects your sense of style, or you want to give your current car a whole new lease of life, car detailing is one of the most effective ways available to give your car a new look and immaculate finish. If you choose a finish such as Gtechniq Ceramic Coating, this will protect your paintwork for years to come. This is ideal for those who want their paintwork to look like new even after you’ve been driving your car for years.

Invest in regular valeting

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If you’re anything like the His & Hers team, you probably have a long list of chores that you mean to get round to every week and cleaning the car immaculately inside and out is likely to be one of them. If you keep finding that after a week of work, the last thing you want to do is head out into the cold to clean your car, investing in valeting, so that every part of your car – from the tyres to the paintwork to the interior – looks clean is an easy way to give your car that immaculately clean fresh-from-the-showroom feel even when you’ve been driving it for a while.

Get your car serviced regularly

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Just like flossing your teeth, or going to the gym, getting your car serviced regularly is one of those things that we all know we should do, but which we don’t always relish actually doing! However, as What Car? says: “No matter how old your car is, regular servicing is the only way to ensure it remains in tip-top condition.” And nothing kills the illusion of driving a new car as swiftly as asking yourself yet again what that strange sound means. So to keep your car driving just as smoothly as it did when you first bought it, it’s well worth keeping on top of those car servicing appointments.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Top Car Detailing, a North West-based company specialising in professional car detailing. They’re a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer and can provide a bespoke service to suit your specific requirements. For more advice and features, please pay a visit to our regularly updated lifestyle page. Thank you for reading!

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