A Gift Guide: What to Buy Him for His Birthday

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Is your partner a difficult man to buy for? Does he seem to have everything he could possibly want? If so, then you’ve probably spent countless hours in the past worrying about what to get him and whether or not he’s actually going to like what you gift him.

Worry no more. Check out the gift guide below, and you’ll be sure to find the inspiration you need to make your partner’s next birthday his best one yet.

Here are some of the best gifts you can give your man on his birthday:

Cook him a meal

You know what they say… the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you don’t cook for your partner often, especially, cooking him a meal on his birthday is a great gift to give him. 

Stuck for ideas? Cheesesteak hot dogs could very well prove to be a winner in your partner’s eyes. A mouthwatering combination of steak, melted cheese, green peppers and onions — the man in your life is sure to enjoy this one! It’s an easy dish to whip up, too:

  1. Fry a well-seasoned steak with garlic in hot oil (4-5 min) — don’t forget to do both sides, and aim for medium rare
  2. Rest the steak on a board, make sure to discard excess garlic
  3. Add green peppers combined with just a pinch of salt to the sizzling pan of oil (3-4 mins)
  4. Heat your grill up to high — cut the steak into thin slices — fill your hot dog buns with a quarter or the steak each, the peppers and slices of cheese — grill them all together (2-3 mins)
  5. Once out of the oven, drizzle your cheesesteak hot dogs with condiments of your choice (in true American fashion, it should be mustard) before topping everything off with crispy onions

Get creative

The best gifts are those that come with a personal touch. In order to ensure that your partner’s next set of birthday presents are completely personal, you should take it upon yourself to create them yourself. What you decide to create is completely down to you, your resources, and your means — it could be a calendar, a mug, or even a music playlist. The point is, the more control you have over creating the gift, the more personal it is likely to be.

New clothes

If your man’s wardrobe is very much stuck in the last decade (or maybe even further back still), then new clothes are a gift that will be sure to benefit both him and you.

The new clothes that you choose to kit your man out in are completely down to his (and your) personal fashion tastes. If you need a little bit of inspiration in this instance, be sure to check out Mr Smart. This retailer of bespoke shirts London offers up a clothing line that any man would dream of filling their wardrobe with — if one thing’s for certain, then, it is that your man will be sure to find something he likes when you take him shopping here.

Your partner might be the most difficult man in the world to buy gifts for, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gifts out there for him. Just keep looking, and the perfect present will present itself before too long!

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