Gino D’Acampo welcomes in a sunny Mediterranean spring and summer menu

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New Liverpool restaurant by Gino D'Acampo

Sadly we cannot guarantee a Mediterranean summer in the UK. Dining at Gino’s may be the next best option. If you cannot be sun-kissed, the tomatoes can.

Feature by Jean Hill

At His & Hers, we are big fans of Gino D’Acampo’s Sky Bar 360 and the Old Hall Street Italian restaurant. We enjoyed afternoon tea in the 360 bar with those spectacular views of the river and Liverpool. The bar staff are welcoming and the service is efficient and friendly. The views are simply sublime. It is a fun, comfortable space to enjoy the stunning sights and the food.

The restaurant on the ground floor is elegant, open plan, with great lighting, intimate small marble tables for two and larger tables to cater for groups. The staff introduce themselves, check on allergies, and happily discuss the advantages of working at Gino’s, which they all seem to love. There is a turquoise tone with the furnishings. Very soothing.

The menu has expanded since last year. As I imagine my waist-line will do, but hey it is so worth it. We settle in with Italian wine and Havana rum with ginger ale. We both opt for prawn and avocado starter.

This is Gino’s mission statement: “The dishes reflect the soul and character of Italy’s many different regions…I’ve included lots of favourites from my books and TV programmes. This is Italian food as it should be: no compromises. I’m using the best, well-sourced, seasonal ingredients to make sure that every dish brings you the real taste of Italy.”


Our editor loved the pizza with grilled chicken. It was almost as big as she is, but she demolished it with relish. I opted for the sea bass. It is a classic and Gino’s do it well. It has crispness on the outside, succulent inside and great flavour. The fries are packed with crispy, slightly spicy, slightly salty taste. Works for me.

I suspect folk are looking for a pleasant, enjoyable evening, with great food. Gino’s does this with great style.

From the archives: Interview with Gino D’Acampo at the 360 Sky Bar Liverpool, Old Hall Street.

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