5 Ways to go Minimalist in Your Home

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go minimalist

Minimalism sounds scary but many people are now adopting this new way of living. When most people hear the word ‘minimalist’ they think of people living in an empty room with white walls, a white sofa, a single wooden chair and a small plant. 

Minimalist living is greatly misunderstood, especially when it comes to home interior. It doesn’t mean you have to throw all your stuff away and start staring at white walls all day. 

Minimalism is about abandoning the useless things in your home. Things that clutter your home that sit and gather dust and serve no purpose. It’s about freeing your space to help free your mind and reduce stress and it’s super effective. 

Here are 5 ways to go minimalist in your home. 

1. Create Your Rules

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Minimalism has no set definition and what is minimalist to you may be different to someone else. It could mean removal of everything but the absolute essentials or it could mean simply having less. 

First, decide on what minimalism is to you and create some minimalist rules to live by. 

2. Clean and Clear

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The best way to gets started is to go through your entire house and decide what can stay and what can leave. No, you don’t have to go around holding things up asking “does this spark joy in my life?” but you should consider what use it has to you. 

Do you really need 85 vinyl records sat under your TV that you never play? Do you need that all those trinkets on the mantelpiece that you never look at unless you’re cleaning the dust off them? 

Once you have removed what you don’t need, give your entire house a deep clean. 

3. Organise and Store

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Once you have decided on what you do need in your house make sure you organise it and store it somewhere appropriate. You want to do your best to store away from sight so that it’s not cluttering your house. Take advantage of self storage units to keep safe any items you don’t need in the house but want to hold onto for the future.  

Our homes tend to feel cluttered and this can lead to us feeling anxious and stressed. Minimizing the amount of clutter and having everything stored neatly can help relieve you of these feelings. Everything has it’s place and there is a place for everything.

4. One Item Per Person

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Is your kitchen cupboard filled with 22 plates, 18 mugs and a 1000 knives and forks? Ask yourself, why? If you have a small family why do you need so much dishware? Allowing for only one item per person in the family can seriously help de-clutter your kitchen cupboards and save you a lot of time washing up. 

Get rid of any dishware you don’t need and any spare required for dinner parties should go into storage. 

5. Stop Buying

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We’re addicted to buying new things for our house. Those tempting sales, the little basket of reduced items next to the till and the convenience of Amazon is making us lose control over our spending. 

Take back control and each time you feel like buying something new, ask your self “do I really need this or do I just want it?” Nine times out of ten you will find yourself putting the item back on the shelf or not clicking that order button. 

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