Must-Have Gucci Footwear for a Totally Retro Summer 2019

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Take a look around you this summer and you will see that retro fashions are trending. Perhaps it’s a longing to get back to the “good old days” when life was less uncertain or maybe it’s just that fashions had more pizazz way back when. In any case, if you want to keep up with the times, it pays to go back in time and who better to point the way than Gucci, which will soon be celebrating its 100th Anniversary!

You haven’t long to wait because 2021 will see 100 years of this Florentine house of fashion and if their footwear for summer of 2019 gives you a peek into what to expect, you can anticipate (as always!) great things from Gucci. Let’s look at a few of this year’s offerings to get you off to a grand start.

Black GG Crystal Boots

Made in Italy, of course, these black 2.75” heeled boots are reminiscent of the biker days of the ‘60s. They are truly retro in style with rounded toes and a detachable studded Velcro strap. What you will absolutely love about this strap, however, is the amazing detail of the crystals lining the strap. Each is cut to perfection and that’s why you will not find a retro biker boot of this caliber on anything less than an authentic Gucci boot. Don’t forget that the upper is 100% leather so you are getting the real deal.

Black Vintage Rython Sneakers

Then when it comes to vintage footwear, you can’t go wrong with Gucci sneakers. These low-topped leather sneakers with tonal laces and the Gucci logo in white on the tongue, which is padded for comfort. You will also find the logo imprinted on the side in multicolor that reflects light, drawing attention to the authenticity of this truly amazing and ultra-comfortable Gucci ‘athletic’ footwear.

Red Suede Isle Heeled Sandals

Are you ready to party this summer? If so, why not do so in Gucci style? If you are looking to set the room on fire, do so in red. Make a splash in Gucci’s Red Suede Isle Heeled Sandals, which have a spike heel the height of Mt. Everest! Well, you won’t find it quite that high but at 3.25”, that’s mighty tall! The double G logo is on the ankle strap closure which, of course, is totally retro and totally important in a heel this high.

These are just a few suggestions for a totally retro summer, but you might also be interested in other styles like their Black Raffia GG Lilibeth Sandals fashioned with a braided jute platform or their White Crystal Aguru Chunky Sandals with a sculpted sole in rubber and amazing studs to add bling to this comfortable summer shoe with stars and crystals. No matter how you go, Gucci will complete that retro look you are after with a perfect blend of finesse and pizzazz. Summer is just around the corner, so let’s be ready. Let’s go Gucci!

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