Choosing hard wood flooring for your home

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hard wood flooring

If you flick through an interior design magazine, or read your favourite blogs for inspiration for the home, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of information available on how to find the perfect paint shade. However, when it comes to choosing the right wood flooring to complement your décor and furniture, advice is much thinner on the ground.

So this month, His & Hers Magazine has teamed up with Flooring365 to share some tips on choosing the ideal wood flooring for your home.

Avoid choosing shades that clash

If you’re buying wood flooring for a room with existing wooden furniture which you plan to keep, get a sample of your chosen flooring and hold it next to your furniture, as well as your doors and your walls to make sure that the shades don’t clash. Also, if you’re about to re-decorate the whole room, place the flooring next to a paint or wallpaper sample so you can check that the tones all work together.

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Consider paying for installation

If you’re not a natural at DIY, it could be worth setting aside some budget so that you can get an expert to lay your new wood flooring. This could save a lot of time and frustration and help to ensure that your new flooring looks seamless. Flooring365 gives you the option of ticking a box to choose an installation service when you get your quote for wood flooring online, so you can check how adding this service will affect the overall cost.

If in doubt, order several samples

Whether you’re viewing wood flooring online or in a showroom, it can be difficult to get an accurate impression of how it will look in your home. If you’re torn between several shades, it’s well worth ordering a free sample of each shade. When you can move them around the room to see how they’ll look in different light conditions and place them alongside each other, it’ll be much easier to make a decision.

Allow for natural variation

living room with hard wood flooring

When choosing real wood flooring, part of the visual appeal of the product is its natural variation, which can add character to your home. Also, it’s a versatile choice which will look great whether you’re going for a classical or contemporary style.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Flooring365. The words are all our own, but the featured flooring is theirs.

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