Undertaking A Health Detox In 5 Steps

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health detox

Our bodies can get worn down by the all the unhealthy things we pump into them.

Meanwhile, overproduction of hormones like cortisol and insulin can also drain our bodies. A health detox can be the best way of cleansing our bodies of all these negative substances. This can allow us to go back to our lives feeling fresh.

You can undertake a health detox at any time and you don’t need any specific tools or supplements. Here is a simple five step detox that could help you to feel amazing.

Get more sleep

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Our bodies naturally detoxify when we’re asleep. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get enough sleep to complete the full detox cycle, which is part of the reason we feel so awful after a poor night’s rest.

Plan to give yourself a week of good sleep by either going to bed earlier or waking up later. You could even plan a week off work so that you can sleep more freely. This will allow you to fully cleanse your body naturally, causing you to wake up feeling much fresher.  


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The first thing to cleanse your body of is the stress hormone cortisol. Whilst this hormone can be useful for keeping us alert in dangerous situations, it is not needed in our day to day lives – in fact, it could be causing a strain on your heart, achy muscles, headaches and digestive problems.

By destressing, you can cleanse your body of this harmful hormone. Activities such as taking a hot bath, exercising and listening to music can all be great for reducing stress, pumping our bodies full of healthy endorphins to flush away the cortisol.

Hydrate yourself

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Drinking lots of water is also essential for keeping our body cleansed. It can help to flush the toxins out of our gut and out of our bloodstream. This could include bacteria and viruses, as well as chemicals and unhealthy levels of sugar and salt.

Start drinking more glasses of water throughout the day. You could even consider IV therapy as a way of quickly hydrating and cleansing the body. Those with bloating and constipation could even consider colonic hydrotherapy.

Cut out unhealthy foods/drinks

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Whilst clearing the toxins out, it’s important to stop new toxins coming in.

Cut down on alcohol, caffeine and sugar whilst detoxing and focus on consuming natural healthy foods. Meanwhile, up your intake of probiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria levels. Loading up on vitamins meanwhile could help to boost the immune system and fight off bugs – vegetables and fruit can provide these vitamins.


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Exfoliating involves cleansing the skin and could be the final step to a health detox.

There are various exfoliation scrubs which can remove dead skin and dirt. Aim to use these on the whole of your body so that your skin is fresh all over. This could help to fight off spots and bring colour to your cheeks.  

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