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Gille conditioner


Gille is the Brazilian-born hair stylist who’s been keeping London’s A-listers looking even glossier than they ordinarily would with his famous frizz-busting blow dries.

Essentially, he’s famous for bringing the Brazilian blow-dry to Europe, something that may not mean all that much to you if you’ve been blessed with easy to manage sleek, straight locks, but which meant plenty to me as a woman whose hair puts the wild in wildly unpredictable at the first sign of rain, humidity, wind or any kind of quintessentially British weather.

The Brazillian blow-dry is a popular semi-permanent conditioning and straightening process (developed, as you may have guessed, in Brazil) to tame, soften and smooth the structure of damaged hair. Gille perfected the treatment ensuring less broken and brittle hair, leaving a sleek, glamorous and glossy result.

Several months ago, Gille launched his own range of haircare products, with prices ranging from £150 for ‘The New Brazilian’ conditioning treatment to £24.99 for the hair treatment oil. Bounce PR gave me a bit of background on the products and asked whether I’d like to try one and it took very little time for me to reply with an emphatic ‘yes’.

My recommended product was the Super Detox Mask with Maracuja Oil (£70) to tackle dryness and smooth the hair’s cuticle. Once the parcel arrived, there was something rather exciting about bringing such a luxurious conditioner into the bathroom (so exciting, in fact, that I may have cleaned the bathroom in the conditioner’s honour before giving it pride of place by the shower).

The instructions recommended leaving the mask on for five minutes after shampooing. Ordinarily, I struggle to find the patience to leave conditioner to work its magic. However, when the cost per use of your conditioner’s suddenly so much higher than you’re accustomed to, it’s surprising how much easier it is to take your time.

The results of my uncharacteristic patience paid off. By the time I was doing what I’d like to call blow-drying my hair, but could more accurately be described as pointing a powerful hairdryer in the general direction of my head and hoping for the best, my hair was definitely looking considerably less crazy than it ordinarily would during this process.

This was a real boon because despite the fact that I’d choose the ability to blow-dry my hair with ease over more conventional super-powers like invisibility or flying every time, my actual relationship with my hairdryer is such that I count it as a win every time I narrowly avoid clocking my head with the nozzle or scalding any part of my scalp, face or neck. Those small wins count!

By the time I was using my straighteners, my hair was very definitely feeling softer and smoother than usual, the colour was looking fresher and it even looked ‘styled’. I started using the Gille conditioner once a week and began enjoying hair-related compliments every time I used it which stopped every time I reverted to my usual conditioner.

I decided to wait ’til I’d finished the tub before writing this review, so can vouch for the fact that the product lasts for months if used once a week (which I think is important if you’re investing so much in a conditioner). Also, unlike a few shampoos and conditioners that I’ve tried over the years which work like a dream for the first few washes, then never really deliver again, the Super Detox Mask delivered consistently and if anything, the overall condition of my hair seemed to improve gradually during several months of use.

Super Detox Mask Maracuja Oil
£70.00 500ml
An intensively moisturising treatment containing Maracuja Oil, Sloe Vera and Green Tea. This mask restores hydration and enriches cuticles. Hair is left feeling super smooth and revitalised.

So, here’s the question I started with: Can a conditioner possibly be worth this much? I’d say that if you’re already completely happy with your hair, you probably don’t need to splash out (as it were) on products for the shower. However, if you’re not currently experiencing the ratio of good to bad hair days that you’d like to and it’s within your budget, why not spoil yourself with something that you ordinarily wouldn’t? It’ll make washing your hair feel so much more indulgent and will shake up the usual beauty rut of spending a fortune on moisturiser and skimping on anything else. And if spending so much on your hair while people are living in poverty in the UK doesn’t quite sit right with you, you could always match your haircare spend with a donation to charity. Or remind yourself how quickly £70 can be spent in a nice bar!

Gille – Treatments
The New Brazilian Treatment – Blonde
£150.00 500ml
The New Brazilian Treatment, specifically designed for professionals to treat blonde Hair. This taming technology aids frizz control. Contains Murumuru Butter and Coconut Oil to rejuvenate, deeply condition and transform texture. Results give a sleek, soft and manageable finish.
The New Brazilian Treatment – Natural
£150.00 500ml
The New Brazilian Treatment, specifically designed for professionals to treat blonde Hair. This taming technology aids frizz control. Contains Murumuru Butter and Coconut Oil to rejuvenate, deeply condition and transform texture. Results give a sleek, soft and manageable finish. Formaldehyde Free.
Brazilian Treatment Hair Oil
£24.99 60ml
Created for hair extensions and Brazilian Blow Dry after care. Suitable for all hair types. Brazilian Maracuja Oil seals in moisture, eliminates frizz and tames flyaway hair. Leaves hair smooth and silky.

Website: www.gillestylist.com

Thanks for reading this review. I’ll be back with a new blog soon!

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