3 Ways to Boost the Smell of Your Home

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We all want to be greeted by a pleasant smell when we return home at the end of a long day. But for those of us who lead busy lives, it can be tricky to maintain that fresh scent, especially during the summer. But if this applies to you, don’t worry. It’s easy to improve the aroma of your living space – and to keep it smelling good.

Why not follow our three tips to find out how?

1. Regularly open your windows

How often do you create air flow by opening your windows? If the answer is not very, you may want to think again. While it may sound obvious, doing so can rid rooms of dust and other toxins, which are more likely to build up in indoor than outdoor spaces. What’s more, direct sunlight is widely believed to kill mould and other bacteria that cause odour.

Though you may be less inclined to let the outdoor air in during colder months of the year, it’s crucial to keep up this practice if you want a consistently clean-smelling home. Try to open windows for at least 10 minutes at a time, three days a week.

2. Bring candles and diffusers into each room

Who doesn’t love a good candle or diffuser? Whether you want to feel warmed, chilled-out, or revived, the right scent can get you there fast. Not only is smell the sense most heavily associated with memory, but it also tends to have a huge effect on our mood. Cinnamon, for example, is widely believed to induce alertness, while citrus often refreshes us. And as you may already know, lavender can help us to unwind.

Given the different impact of various scents, it’s important to find products that corresponded with your desired effect for each room within your home. From their Scent to Sleep to the Boost your Energy range, Neom Organics are able to show that they get this entirely.

3. Keep indoor waste to a minimum

Not the most glamorous of points, but still an essential one to make: keep indoor waste to a minimum. Though it’s all too easy to lose track of our rubbish routine, as you’ll likely know already, bin bags can soon pile up, leaving us with plenty of mess and – of course – a highly unpleasant aroma. The solution? It’s simple: rinse everything before throwing it away.

Or better still, save as many items as you can – even those you can’t recycle. Those plastic wrappers and crisp packets? Clean them thoroughly, find a big, empty (and obviously clean) plastic bottle, and you’ll have everything you need for an eco-brick. Set it densely enough, and you’ll be able to use it as a building block for an array of furniture items. If you don’t want to hold on to it, chances are that someone else will.

By both reducing and cleaning waste, you stand to keep your home smelling agreeable at all times.

Most of us want to create a homely feel in our living space – and very often, the key to achieving this lies in the aromas it emits. Now that you know how, you can create the scent and vibes that you want to in your home.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Neom Organics. For more tips and advice, please pay a visit to our lifestyle page.

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