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We’ve admitted in the past that when it comes to making ‘home improvements’, the His & Hers team always seems to be drawn to ‘investing’ in items like luxury candles, which are (almost too) easy to buy or cushions (speaking of which, how many is too many when it comes to cushions? Because we keep wanting to add more into the mix!)

The heart wants what the heart wants and often that means home accessories that are easy to buy and carry and don’t require too much thought. Basically, we want the interiors equivalent of buying a fancy lipstick to cheer you up on a stressful day, purchases that are fast, not too pricey and can be made on impulse.

However, when we slow down and really think about what makes being at home feel great, it actually tends to be about getting the fundamentals right, so stepping into a house that feels cosy, secure and well maintained.

And this means taking care of the basics, such as security. This week, His & Hers has been finding out more about Hoyles Electronic Developments, a family-owned North West business which has been helping to keep leading businesses and homes across the region safe and secure since 1965. They can create sophisticated personalised security systems, like this bespoke push-button gate control and they’re used by a host of leading businesses throughout the UK and worldwide.

The company owners explain that, due to their decades in business, they are fortunate enough to be known and respected throughout the security and protection industry as the installers’ manufacturer of choice.

The team at Hoyles pride themselves on their ability to provide all customers with the same personal level of service, saying that they have been in the industry long enough to know that every installation is critical, no matter how big or small the job is.

As His & Hers discovered this week, Hoyles’ extensive product range is manufactured exclusively in the UK at the company’s purpose-built premises in St Helens and features trusted brands, such as: Exitguard, Aidalarm, Multiguard and Interguard.

If you’ve been meaning to update your security system for your home or business, we know all too well that this isn’t always the most tempting of projects. However, in terms of convenience and peace of mind, it’s well worth taking the time to find the best system to suit your needs. And making sure that you’re taking advantage of the best technology available in 2019.

Whether you’re simply looking for Door Alarms, or you want to ensure that an old security system is still fit for purpose, it’s well worth seeking advice from a company like Hoyles where you can benefit from their years of expertise in the field.

Then, once you’ve tackled all the important stuff, we’d recommend treating yourself to some hard-earned candle shopping. You know that’s what we’ll be doing!

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Hoyles Electronic Developments. The security solutions are theirs, but the words are all our own. For more inspiration for your home or office, please pay a visit to our regularly updated interiors section

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