It does not get much more festive than an Honest Christmas Burger in Bold Street

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Honest Christmas Burger

Honest Burgers restaurants are founded on principles of excellent provenance, locally sourced ingredients, and meticulous attention to detail. The beef comes from small farms in the Scottish Highlands. The burgers are cooked, fresh not frozen, as are the chips. Honest own their own butchers:  their chicken is free-range. They make their own sauces by hand and they taste quite distinctive. The venue is wonderfully stylish and welcoming. There are gleaming black tiles, polished wooden floors, and embellished chalk boards, that list ingredients and the specials.

WORDS: Jean Hill

The His & Hers verdict from our first visit was: ‘perfect for lunch-time meets, or leisurely dinners, there is a soothing relaxing atmosphere, where stress melts away. We will definitely be back for more honest to goodness fare’. And here we are! Just in time to celebrate the Honest Burgers’ Christmas burger that features Honest beef, smoked bacon, deep-fried Camembert, cranberry sauce and rocket with rosemary salted chips. It costs, and it is a bargain, £12.50. You would be forgiven for abandoning reading any further, as you race for Bold Street.

Honest Christmas Burger 1

The Christmas burger is beautifully layered and the beef is cooked, either medium pink or to desired specifications. We loved the richness of the beef, matched by a deliciously warm dribble of Camembert, and the Christmas crackle of smoked bacon. The founders’ ethos is about delivering the best of British, and this very much includes the rosemary-salted chips. My companion thoroughly enjoyed a free range chicken burger, and loved the tangy chips, that Honest believe are an essential component of the meal.

Using just British chuck steak and rib cap, Honest chops the meat rather than mincing it which retains the flavour and keeps the texture natural and tender.

An exclusive beer collaboration with Black Lodge Brewing will also be available from day one. Bold St Pale is a 4.7% American-hopped pale ale with tropical and grapefruit flavours. G&T is on the drinks’ menu; made with small batch Honest Gin (using botanicals and including cucumber and dill).

The service was really efficient, friendly and relaxed; thank you Amy. Totally recommended, in the spirit of Christmas yet to come, and somewhere to sit back and destress in the madness that is Christmas shopping.

Tel. 0151 2944909

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