Housewarming Gifts With A Difference

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Spring and summer seem to be the time of year where people decide they want to move home and have a fresh start. Especially if they have been in lockdown and feel they need a new place. So you may find that you have a number of friends and family in the middle of moving now that sales are completed. Many of us will agree that this can be such a stressful time, so when they finally get the keys and enter their new home the emotion can be overwhelming. As a friend or family member, you may want to give a token of your thoughts and luck for their new chapter, and a housewarming gift is one of the ways to do it. With that in mind here are some of the best gift ideas for you to feel inspired the next time around.

A bottle of wine or their favourite drink


One of the first gifts to consider would be their favourite drink. Everyone will love the opportunity to toast to their new lives in their home and so it tends to be quite a traditional gif. It can be a bottle of wine or champagne if you are feeling generous, or it could even be their favourite drink like some beers or a bottle of gin. You know them better than anyone but this could be a lovely treat for them to enjoy in their new place. 

Food and essentials 


Possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts you could consider would be food or other essentials. This can be done in varying ways. You may want to think about a food hamper, filled with necessities like tea or coffee. Or it could be a big lasagne you have cooked up that simply needs the oven and to be eaten. Or maybe you just like the idea of giving them a nice drink to toast the new place. You could look at a special whiskey from places like The Whisky World or even their favourite wine or bubbles. 

Personalised stationery 


If you are really wanting to be unique and different then you may want to think outside of the box and go for a gift that is personalised. As they are in a new home, they may need to let a lot of people know their new address, so personalised stationery could really be a thoughtful gift. It will certainly be the gift that keeps on giving and ideal for their housewarming invitations. 

A bunch of flowers


Another more traditional gift is a big bunch of flowers. It tends to be a great gift for friends or family members that perhaps are not interested in alcoholic beverages, or for when you think they may already have enough of those sorts of gifts. A big bunch of flowers can brighten up their day and their home while they are in the chaos that unpacking can bring. 

The gift of your time

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Finally, maybe you like the idea of the gift of time. Many people wonder what this could involve but it literally is just that, your time. Moving is so chaotic and stressful, so your time could be spent giving them necessary childcare so they can get on with things, or it could be to lend a hand with unpacking. Whatever you can help with, offer your time to do it. 

Let’s hope that this gives you some ideas for your next housewarming gift.

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