How Classic Game Elements Are Used in High-Fashion

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The world of fashion is more changeable than the weather as something that’s declared hot one minute is flung into the cutting room’s trash the next, with industry deciders giving designers the cold shoulder and whispering, ‘That is so last Tuesday.’

It is for this reason that fashion aficionados do not dare stand still, always on the lookout for the latest trend or bold statement they can make to put their rivals on notice.

One of the ways this is done is by taking elements of popular culture and weaving them into the designs for clothing and accessories that appear in fashion boutiques and major stores. This includes elements of classic games, many of which still hold a serious amount of appeal for a huge proportion of the population and therefore want to be tapped by designers of all stripes. Here we take a look at how elements and motifs from the world of classic games are woven, stitched and embossed into beautiful pieces of clothing by some of the best fashionistas on the planet.

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Jewelry and other accessories have long been adapted so as to appeal to people who love gaming and all things gaming related

From Monaco and Las Vegas to the Fashion Runway

Some of the oldest and most revered games that exist both offline and online are the card games and table games that are the staple of any self-respecting casino establishment or online gaming platform.

Of course, such games already come with a certain look and appeal, one epitomized by stars of the big screen like Daniel Craig and George Clooney, to name but two of them, in movies like Casino Royale and the Ocean’s series.

Lots of contemporary designers are still hell bent on harnessing the undoubted power of this image, as is seen in the designs of huge fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana. The brand once featured a whole line of clothes inspired by the playing cards that are found being used in casino games at online gaming platforms and app stores, as well as at land-based gaming facilities.

Away from clothing, perhaps where the influence of classic casino games is most felt in fashion is in accessories, with there being plenty of dice cufflinks and casino-inspired ties knocking around. This was typified in 2020 when Jacob & Co. released a wristwatch that had a fully functioning Roulette wheel built into it. Such was its innovative design that celebrities were queuing up to have a black and red wheel spin on their respective wrists at awards ceremonies and movie premieres.


Many watchmakers now pride themselves on having at least one model of watch that has some connection to or inspiration from the world of classic games

Fashion Reminds People of Their Retro Gaming Roots

Computer games have been around long enough that many of the retro games that used to be played at arcades are now viewed as modern classics in their own right, and even class as art in some circles of the gaming fraternity.

This means that a good few fashion houses have tried to get ahead of the crowd, to tap into a trend that is only set to grow in the coming months and years. One such house was Uniqlo, who in 2018 released a range of high-end streetwear that was exclusively based on pixelated button bashers and joystick yankers of the 80s and early 90s.

Fashion Industry Seeks Collaborations with Gaming Companies

What is for sure is that the connections and synergies that have been built between the two industries of gaming and fashion are here to stay, and indeed are only getting stronger.

This can be seen in the way in which brands like Louis Vuitton and Burberry have gone out their way to be associated with top Esports tournaments, as well as the young cash rich fashionistas of the future, who are increasingly the key tastemakers for games and the fashion trends connected to them.

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