How investing in new underwear can help give a confidence boost

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Somehow, over the past year, the His & Hers team seems to have acquired more sweatshirts than we previously knew we needed! Not to mention super cosy sleepwear. However, the change of seasons has got us thinking that perhaps it’s time to start adding some outfits that aren’t just comfortable and functional, but that also make us feel ready to face the world beyond the sofa!

If, like us, you’re starting to crave a wardrobe update, we take a look at how to start by updating your underwear drawer…

Start by decluttering

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If you’ve been holding on to underwear that you inadvertently dyed in the wash, or which no longer fits, or that you don’t enjoy wearing, channel your inner Marie Kondo and start ditching anything that doesn’t spark joy. When you can see what you’re left with, make a list of the things you need. For example, do you work out a lot, but have a shortage of comfortable sports bras, or would you like to break up all of your neutral sets with some more daring date night lingerie? Now’s the time to take stock and create an up-to-date underwear selection that reflects your style.

Add a shot of glamour

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For many of us, our underwear drawer will feature mainly plain black, white and neutral sets, and a whole load of socks! If you’re ready to add some glamour into the mix, think about investing in some new lingerie sets can help give a confidence boost. Also, it’s been said before, but we think that the boost that comes from wearing great underwear is just as effective if you’re the only person who’ll know!

Plus, unlike investing in a designer handbag or outfit, treating yourself to some new lingerie tends to be a much more affordable way to play with your style and decide what works for you. Will this make you feel more confident? We can’t say for sure, but you’ll probably have fun finding out!  

Break out of a style rut


Once you’re wearing your fancy new lingerie and admiring your super organised underwear drawer, this may inspire you to take on the bigger job of sorting through your wardrobe and deciding what you’d like to add and subtract this spring. Perhaps this will mean adding a few more ‘going out’ outfits alongside the ubiquitous leisurewear, which none of us are quite ready to let go of just yet! Or it may mean incorporating some shades or styles that you haven’t tried before. Either way, we’re very much looking forward to embracing spring fashion and finding our mojo again!

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Hunke Moller. For more style-related features, please pay a visit to our fashion page.    

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