How To Be More Productive Throughout Your Workday

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Your life is busy. Your workday is just as full of active to-do lists and taskers from upper management. It can prove difficult to stay focused and maintain efficiency while performing your job. There are, however, a number of proactive measures you can take to ensure productivity throughout your time at work each day. Read on for more information.

Ensure High-Quality Connectivity


In this digital world, it is imperative that your computer functions to the best of its ability. On top of that, you must have a fast and reliable internet connection to get your work done. When you are worried about constant disruptions in Wi-Fi or a potential loss of internet connection, it does not make your work day run smoothly.

If your operating system of choice is a Mac and you have recently upgraded to the latest version – macOS Ventura, you may be experiencing frustrating issues. Some of the issues include slowdowns, untimely disconnections, and valuable time wasted trying to determine the problem. Should this be happening to you, click here to learn how to remedy the most common Ventura problems once and for all.

The next thing to look at is your router to determine if it is playing a part in your Wi-Fi slowdowns. If your router is old, of poor quality, or in need of an update, it may be contributing to or be the cause of your problems. First, check to see if there are any updates available and then proceed as directed. If this is not the fix, conduct research on reputable websites to find a suitable, high-quality, and up-to-date router. 

Use a Calendar


Calendars are essential tools in the effort to maintain organization in a hectic world. Use your calendar to its maximum potential. There are a multitude of online programs and corresponding apps for your computer and smartphone for free or for purchase. Look through several of them to determine which one will best serve your unique style and price point.

Once you have a calendar in place, create as many different calendars within the main program. Label one for work, your personal life, family, and any other categories as needed. Use different colours for each calendar to easily differentiate between entries at a glance. 

Set alarms and reminders on calendar items such as for a pick-up time for your children or as a reminder to take your medicine. The alarm settings can be used to alert you to meeting times at work or important Zoom calls to prepare for.

Your calendar is also useful as a diary or record of events. Utilize its functionality to search past calendar items to help create invoices from trips or keep track of work priorities as you complete them. Open up the notes feature on a calendar entry while you are on a call. Use this space to document who you spoke with, the time, and any action taken or action that needs to be performed. Immediately enter a follow-up entry on a subsequent date on your calendar if need be.

Take Scheduled Breaks


Taking a break from your workload does not mean clicking over to a new screen and scrolling through your Instagram Reels. A proper break entails getting up from your chair and leaving or moving around your immediate workspace as you are able. 

When you take a scheduled moment or two away from the task at hand, you give your brain a chance to reset. This will allow your body to focus better when you return. Your body needs an opportunity to move. The wiggles are not just for children. Adults who sit too long tend to shift around in their chairs, have reduced attention spans, and are not as productive as those who understand the power of recessing for a bit.

Some ideal ways to have a productive break include:

  • Go for a walk outside.
  • Walk throughout your building’s interior.
  • Climb the stairs.
  • Make a fresh cup of coffee.
  • Have a chat with your workmate.
  • Tidy up your surroundings.
  • Do chair yoga.

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to perform chair yoga. While the video is likely longer than your break will be, you can still learn some restive and restorative poses to take to work with you.

Set Work Goals

When you think of setting goals at work, the idea probably evokes a vision of you sitting in the corner office at the top of your game. Reframe that ideal into bite-sized and actionable goals that can be accomplished today in reference to your current job duties and responsibilities. 

Plan your day using the aforementioned calendar. Set and input goals into the calendar to complete each day based on your workload and the company’s needs. Prioritize the projects or tasks that have immediate deadlines and due dates to ensure completion and compliance. The nice thing about using a digital calendar is that it is easy to change deadlines and goals should you complete one early or find one to be more work-intensive.

Now break down any larger projects if they are too big to tackle all at once. Look at them like chapters in a book or steps in a recipe. Start with either the first logical step that needs to be taken care of before the rest or with the smallest task that can be tackled to get it out of the way. Next, focus on the subsequent items in their respective order or in the best manner to complete them accordingly.

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