How To Best Maintain Your Personal Watch: A Brief Guide

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Watches are expensive devices to invest in, even if they do look amazing. So, it stands to reason that you want your watch to hold up, and not have to be replaced within a few years because of breakages.

With that in mind, here’s a brief guide to consider on how to care for your watch.

How To Clean

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Watches should be kept as clean as possible at all times. Not only do dirty washes ruin their look and can make you look bad, but smaller pieces of dirt and grime can get inside the mechanism, blocking it up and causing damage that could completely break a watch.

When it comes to cleaning your watch, you can use water, but stay away from soap. Soap acts the same way as dirt, in terms of getting inside your watch and causing irreversible damage.

There are specialised kits available to watch wearers, that have little devices, such as toothpicks and brushes, to help get inside the grime. You can also use special wipes that are designed for this, just don’t use soap. You can go to a specialist for cleaning if you’re worried.

Importance Of Watch Winders

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Something a lot of people who are new to wearing watches don’t realise is, how you should keep your watch wound at regular intervals.

Watch winding can be done via mechanism that keeps the watch hands and inner workings lubricated, keeping it working at peak efficiency. When you place a watch inside these devices, the time will keep ticking without the need for you to change them up, allowing you to save time and effort.

The good news about watch winders, are that they are designed to look good, so they won’t clutter up your home and look out of place. If you want to make this investment, Luxury Watch Winders have different boxes and designs in a range of different materials and colours to suit your needs, as well as homing some of the best brands available for you to browse.

Be Wary Of Water


Whilst you can get some expert watch servicing, the majority won’t be, at least not under a lot of high-water pressure. Watches usually have some sort of resistance rating, but even those materials and seals that keep the water out can fade away, leaving watches vulnerable.

Because of this, you should check the water resistance seals regularly, and at least get them looked at by professionals once a year, but more so if you’re concerned.

Usually, you’ll be fine to shower with your watch on, or even swim with certain brands, but it’s important to keep an eye on them and get expert advice when you can.

Regular Servicing

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Speaking of getting expert advice, you should go to an expert watch servicing person for regular check-ups. Perhaps consider booking an appointment once every few years, to save money, unless you think something needs quicker attention.

Even if a problem is small, it’s good to get issues sorted as soon as, to avoid them becoming worse before you know it.

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