How To Choose Your Wedding Date: Our Top Tips

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Immediately after your engagement, family members and friends will start asking you questions like, “so, when is the wedding? What colours have you chosen? “Where is the ceremony going to be held?”. Having a wedding is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments in the life of a couple. 

The process of picking a wedding date is very different for each couple, as it is an essential step in planning a wedding. Your wedding date can influence your style and even the day’s atmosphere. So, even if family and friends are pressuring you to set a date, don’t choose one in a hurry. There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect wedding date. Below are some valuable tips:

1. Choose Between Dates That Are Symbolic To You Both


It would be very romantic to marry on a day that holds a significant meaning in your life. Imagine tying the knot on the day you both started a relationship or even on the wedding date of your parents or grandparents. Some cultures can also be used as a reference to choose a date. 

For example, the Japanese people use an ancient astrological calendar, the Koyomi, to select the most promising day. You might also end up not getting married on the day you desire, as the day can fall on a weekday, or the venue you’re planning to use might be fully booked. Remember that if you have chosen a specific date, you might want to find the available venues at that time.

2. Pick Your Preferred Wedding Season

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If you are in full control of the wedding date, it is recommended that you choose a wedding season. First, you should consider the atmosphere of your wedding’s location, as it can help you set the mood. If you’re going for an outdoor wedding, you’ll need to choose a season with mild weather and clear skies.

You can also choose your desired wedding theme and select a season that best suits it. If you’d like a sun-spattered setting with lots of fun and tropical-inspired cocktails, go for a summer wedding. Try a winter wedding if you’d prefer a dreamy holiday sparkle with opulence and snowfall. You can go for a fall wedding if your theme is more nostalgic and has lots of rich colours. However, a spring wedding will do the trick if you’d love a delicate setting with a daffodil bouquet and pastels around. 

For each of the seasons and themes, you’ll also need to consider the wedding entertainment activities that’ll fit perfectly because each season has its wedding entertainment and choosing the right one is essential for the success of your beautiful event. 

3. Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

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You can’t find a wedding venue when you have a month in mind. For example, you can choose the month of June and ask the venue managers about their availability in that month. Because if a venue is fully booked during your workable dates, you won’t be able to go further.

Nevertheless, if you are in love with a specific venue, you might need to ask for their calendar and set a date that works well for all parties involved. 

You also need to consider the perfect wedding entertainment activities for your reception, as these will help lighten the mood. You can choose to bring a stand-up comedian, or a live event artist, introduce table games, special dances, or even set up a music zone with a DJ. These wedding entertainment activities should perfectly fit the day’s venue, theme, and atmosphere.

4. Consider Peak And Off-Peak Dates


When choosing your wedding date, you’ll need to select the date according to your budget. A wedding has a peak season, generally between May and October, so prices are very high due to the high demand. You’ll have to compete with other couples for your wedding venue and vendors.

If you don’t like to spend much, choose an off-season date, where you’ll have a higher chance of getting your venue and vendors at a discounted price. 

Though the wintertime is considered the low season for weddings, December and February are very busy and pricey due to the Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day holidays. January, March, April, and November are better off-season months, and setting your date within these months will save you money.

The days of the week should also be considered, as Saturdays carry the heftiest price tag. However, a weekday wedding will offer a larger selection of vacant venues at a lower price.

5. Browse Through Your Calendar For Local Events 


Each wedding location is different, and some weekends are much busier than others. Make sure you check your calendar to find out when events like festivals, sports, or graduation are taking place. For example, the Notting Hill Festival is a big event and might lead to fully booked hotels and heavy traffic.

These are not circumstances you’ll like to deal with in your wedding week. So, if you decide to have a destination wedding, talk with your wedding planner to ensure your wedding date doesn’t fall around a local event.

6. Set A Date Based On Your Beliefs


If you’re more of a superstitious person and would like to respect your cultural or religious background, choose a date that symbolises luck. In the Jewish tradition, it is believed that Tuesdays bring luck to a couple. In the book of Genesis, God mentioned that the third day of the week is good, making Tuesday a perfect day for those with Jewish heritage. Also, history lovers can plan their wedding date in June. This month is named after Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. She will surely bring luck to couples who marry in her month.


Remember, choosing the right wedding date isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need to do is select your preferred theme, follow the above-listed tips, and consult your event planner to go through the processes involved. The rest will fall perfectly into place, and you will find yourself smiling in your beautiful wedding dress.

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