How to Decorate Your First Home with Your Partner

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Owning your own property for the first time is such a rewarding feeling, whether you are moving in with your partner or not. Living with your partner for the first time in a home that you can really call yours is such an amazing thing to be able to do. There may be challenges along the way whether you are renovating or just decorating, but here are a few helpful tips to overcome these challenges so that you and your partner can fully enjoy your new home together.


The key word that makes people shiver slightly – compromise. Compromising does take a lot of practice, especially if you are quite a headstrong person. In any situation you come across in terms of decorating your house, it is important that both of you are involved unless one of you has said otherwise. For example, if one of you is really set on a piece of furniture that the other one hates, this is where compromising needs to kick in. It means either you say goodbye to the beloved piece of furniture and find one that you can both agree on, or you buy that piece of furniture so long as your partner has their say on another piece of furniture for a room. Blending both of your styles together may even result in a new, unexpected style that you didn’t even know existed.

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Finding High-Quality Furniture

When decorating your home, it is important to choose furniture that will not break or will start to wear easily. Make sure that you are putting thought into each piece going into your house and whether it fits you and your partner’s style so that you will both feel homely and settled once it is finished. Moleta Munro provides beautiful designer pieces of furniture and also has a clearance section, which is perfect if you are a first-time buyer and don’t want to break the bank. Buying high-quality furniture rather than buying cheap furniture from mainstream brands will make your house more unique and personal to you.

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Personal Touches

To really make it your home, it is important to add a few personal touches. Whether that’s by objects that either of you have collected together throughout the years like ornaments from a holiday or a gift from an anniversary, displaying these around the house will really make you both feel settled. It is also a nice idea to hang photos up on the walls or have some displayed on shelves, etc., to add to that homely feeling. It is also nice for friends and family when they visit to see your favourite photos up around the house, and maybe even spot themselves in the photos too!

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Buying your first home with your partner is such an exciting part of your life. Try not to stress or argue about the small things; enjoy this time, because you will look back and remember this wonderful time together.

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