How to Enjoy the Festive Season in 2020

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Baking cookies for the festive season

So, this year hasn’t quite gone to plan has it? You might be eager for next year to start already. Remember there’s still Christmas to come and there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate it. It’s going to be different from previous years, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Here are some things you can try to help make you feel more festive.

Dress Up

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There may not be the annual work do or as many social gatherings as you normally go on, but this doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Even though you’re staying in, dress like you’re going out to give yourself a boost. Pick a Christmas Day outfit that makes you feel gorgeous. Try out a different hairstyle you wouldn’t normally do. You could even get your nails done with acrylic powder for that professional touch. Do whatever you want to give yourself that special sparkle.

Seeing Loved Ones

child at Christmastime

Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones. Of course, that’s difficult to do this year. You can still make an effort to see them even if it’s virtually. From eating dinner together to playing board games – you can still spend part of the day with your loved ones, even if it’s online. You can get in touch with your family – or friends – and figure out a festive activity you can together. Also, if you live close by, why not try to sort out a social distant walk?

Christmas Films

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Another way you can feel festive is to watch some Christmas films. There are old and new films, from childhood classics to Netflix releases. You can easily find one the whole family can enjoy. It’s a Wonderful Life shows us the value of hope, celebrating community and a sense of belonging. Love Actually charmingly demonstrates the importance of love – and how it is, actually, all around. The heart of Home Alone is family. Christmas films remind you what this time of year is all about. Do you agree with this top 20 list?

Kitchen Creations

Christmas cookies

The festive season is a time where you want to give back to those you appreciate the most. However, it can also be a time for you to treat yourself. Why not get in the kitchen and try to bake some goodies? You can use your family recipes to create cookies or try to build your own gingerbread house. If you’ve got little ones, baking is a great activity you can all do. Or – a not so child-friendly option – you could make your own mulled wine. Or maybe a Christmas cocktail?

It’s OK if you’re feeling worn-out by this year. Use this festive season to be kind to yourself and others. Do you have a go-to activity that makes you feel festive?

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