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Cars are incredibly important, not to mention expensive. We’ve put in hours and hours of honest work to purchase and maintain them, so the thought that they could come to harm is both worrying and infuriating. For most of us, they are fantastic investments and need special care. They’re not something we can freely give away or give up on.

Naturally, we all want to keep our vehicles safe and secure. That need is straightforward enough but putting it into practice is a whole other story. With the emergence of car thieves and careless drivers, it can be difficult to really guarantee your car’s safety.

Drive Responsibly

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We’re not here to lecture you on the fundamentals of adult life. Still, you’d probably be surprised at just how many people drive like hard-baked fools. A whopping 23% of drivers have confessed to using a mobile phone behind the wheel, which is an alarming statistic all on its own. The reality is probably a higher percentage. Match that up with drivers not checking mirrors, looking the wrong way, and generally driving like hazards, and things get even more alarming.

Even if you’re parked in a public car park, accidents can still happen. Install an alarm that will detect the slightest disturbance on the surface of your car. This will help you identify and catch anyone who has bumped into you, and to be subsequently reimbursed through your insurance schemes. If nothing else, remember that you needn’t be the cause of an accident to be involved in an accident.

Total Lockdown

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Many people leave their cars out on the driveway but doing so does come with a bit of a risk factor. For one, your vehicle is out on show to any prying eyes with negative intent, and you’re effectively showing everyone what you’re packing. You also don’t want your car to get scraped by a passer-by if it’s parked on the side of a street. For the fortunate, leaving their car outside is a point of well-earned pride, for the unlucky it’s a gamble.

Consequently, you really need a garage space. Whether it’s in your home or round the block a bit, that heavy locked door could be the only thing standing in the way between your car and a thief. You also won’t lose a wing mirror if your car is parked on a particularly narrow street. Consider investing in a steering wheel lock too to keep your car under your control alone. Set your worries aside and put your vehicle on lockdown.

Hide Your Keys

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It might seem like a bizarre solution, but according to Staffordshire Police hiding your keys can prevent the theft of your vehicle as a last resort. This is because many car thieves in recent times have broken into the home first to secure the car keys, then headed back outside to steal the car. Creepy, isn’t it?

Many of the people looking to steal your car are more likely to be career criminals than one-time bad decision makers. They know what they’re doing, and they frankly have zero empathy for you, even after they drive off with your wheels. Don’t take any chances. Lock everything up and stash the keys in a secure and secret location.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with supercar dealers, Romans International. If you have any more tips you use to keep your car and the belongings within it safe, please share them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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