How to maintain your mobility

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You’ll find lots of articles online about how to lose a few pounds, or get in shape, but until recently, there hasn’t been as much emphasis on how to maintain as much mobility as possible as we age. However, with fitness influencers in their 70s, such as Joan MacDonald (who has almost two million followers on Instagram) providing a new vision of how we could age, it’s clear that hitting retirement age definitely doesn’t need to mean giving up on all your fitness goals.

With this in mind, His & Hers shares a few tips for how to maintain your mobility over the years…

Invest in equipment to help keep you mobile

Whether it’s buying a yoga mat to encourage you to stretch at home, or buying stair lifts to ensure that nowhere in your home is inaccessible, it can be helpful to have a think about what equipment – if any – you could do with to help to keep you as mobile as possible for as long as possible.

Enlist advice

If you have chronic pain or a disability that makes it difficult for you to move as freely as you’d like to, it may be worth making an appointment to see your GP to find out whether they have any suggestions to make life a little easier. Alternatively, if you’re fit and active, but just want a little more motivation to get you moving, booking a few sessions with a personal trainer might inspire you to start exercising more regularly.

Make some simple changes

Staying active doesn’t have to mean running a marathon! Simply scheduling a little time for a morning walk can be a great way to lift your mood and to help to stay active. Also, if you arrange to meet a friend for a walk, or go for a stroll with your partner, you’ll have the added bonus of getting to socialise while you get your steps in.


Sometimes we can apply a ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude to exercise, thinking that it’s only those gruelling gym sessions or long runs that really count. However, just incorporating a gentle stretching routine into your day could be a great way to stay flexible, and could also help you to relax and unwind.

Choose exercise you love

It sounds so simple, but the best exercise regime is the one that you’re likely to stick to. So rather than using lots of willpower trying to start a regime that’s outside of your comfort zone, why not have a think about the types of exercise you enjoy the most and then work out when it would be easiest to incorporate a new activity into your week. Listen to your body and choose restorative movement – such as a gentle yoga class – when you’re tired, and more up tempo activities when you’re feeling more energetic.   

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