How to make 2021 your greenest year yet

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You don’t need His & Hers to remind you that over the past year, life has changed enormously for most of us. At the time of writing, many of us are feeling cautiously optimistic about a spring and summer that could bring more opportunities to see friends and family safely and maybe even to get a summer holiday booked. However, with a third of UK households reportedly becoming greener in lockdown in 2020, our new eco-friendly habits are one change that many of us will want to build upon this year. If you want to make this your greenest year yet, even if the opportunity to start racking up airmiles and increasing your budget returns, we have some simple tips for greener living…

Update your energy provider

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In 2021, getting an energy quote has never been easier, so this could be a great time to shop around and make sure you’re on the most affordable and eco-friendly plan available to you. Also, if you’re currently receiving estimated bills, it could be worth taking regular meter readings or booking an appointment to get a smart meter installed. Receiving more accurate bills will help to avoid any surprises down the line if it transpires that you’ve been under-paying and may also motivate you to keep a closer eye on your energy and water consumption, helping your finances and the environment.

Have a habits audit

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Some of the new habits many of us developed in 2020 (such as spending more time than ever before in leisurewear or pyjamas) may be due for an update this year. However, if you developed some helpful, eco-friendly habits during lockdown (such as going on regular bike rides, rather than driving into the countryside to get some exercise) or you discovered some lovely walks close to home, it could be worth continuing to incorporate these habits into your weeks even when life potentially becomes a little busier again.

Cut down on impulse purchases

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The team at His & Hers does not mind admitting that we’ve been tempted to make the occasional impulse purchase during lockdown partly just for the excitement of receiving a parcel in the post during these quiet times! However, if you’re making more impulse purchases online than usual, taking stock and trying to cut down could help you to avoid unnecessary expenses. Also, by making more considered purchases, you’re more likely to choose items that you’ll keep for a long time, and to shop around to look for eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical brands. Again, this is a great way of going green while also saving money and avoiding retail remorse!

If you’ve adopted any new eco-friendly habits during the pandemic, we’d love to hear about them! Please share your experiences or tips in the comments below or via our social media channels.

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