How to Make Your First Property Feel Like Home

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Have you and your partner just moved in to your brand new home? Congratulations! This is such a special time for you both. If you’re looking for some creative tips on ways you can both make your first property feel a little bit more homely, we’ve got some useful advice. There are bigger projects like whole renovations and smaller, effortless strategies you can put in place, too. You’ll be sure to settle in right away, and it’ll be like you’re always at home.

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Renovate a room as a mini project

Decorating a room is a wonderfully exciting project, especially for new homeowners. Remember, you don’t have to do it all in a day. Plan and prepare in advance, and get super organised. You could turn your new spare room into a study. Or, are you expecting a new addition to your family? You might like to transform the space into a playroom or bedroom for your newborn when they arrive. Once you get thinking, there are lots of ways to style it up.

If this sounds like it could be your next project, but you’re looking for some serious inspiration, we’ve got you covered. You’re bound to want some ideas of how you can get creative at home. You can find lots at BOXT. Take a look at some of the interior advice and ideas to get you thinking how to best use your space at home, or browse the suggestions on designing and decorating your home office effectively. Or, for general tips on renovations, they have information on that too.

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Getting creative ideas

Did you know that 65% of the homeowners in the UK, because of lockdowns in 2020, have engaged in some form of home renovation, according to Money? So, you’re not alone. And the best part is, there are so many easy and cost-effective ways to bring out your creative side. Whether you’re thinking about just adding some colourful fabrics to the master bedroom, or if you’d rather re-design the kitchen to be more open plan, it’s fun to get inspired and get planning.

How you want to design your home is totally up to you. But there are sources that can help, if you’re struggling for some creativity in the renovation department. Rated People report that 36% of homeowners tend to get their inspiration from TV programmes like Grand Designs, while 30% of homeowners revert to Instagram for home ideas. You could consider how open plan you would like your kitchen, whether a refresh of colours would be better, or if some new lighting is a more trendy option.

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Make your new home smell gorgeous

There’s nothing like a really good smell, whether it’s your favourite flower, or good food. So why not give your new pad the homely stamp it needs in the form of a subtle, but stunning smell? You could grab some new candles, or even heat a little fruit and some herbs on the cooker, just enough to give that sweet waft through. Remember that cramped spaces can be bad for odours. That means opening up your french doors can get the fresh air in!

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