How to Start the Journey to Healthy Eating

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Life can get very busy and it can be easy to put nutrition by The wayside. However, choosing to place nutrition on the back burner is never a good idea. 

Sooner or later you’re unhealthy eating habits will catch up with you and it may show itself in the form of sickness or disease. It may also show up in your skin and your hair as well. No matter how busy you get or how stressful life becomes you must remember to make eating healthy our priority. 

If you’re finding it difficult to nourish your body. Here are some tips that would help make things easier.

Start In the Morning


Kicking your day off with a good breakfast is something you should prioritize. If eating breakfast is one of those things you are missing, it’s time for you to try making it a priority again. 

When you eat a healthy breakfast it helps to make you feel refreshed as you go throughout the first half of the day. Hunger pangs in the morning are not fun and they can seriously hamper your productivity. 

Even if you are a coffee-on-the-go kind of person who loves to make delicious iced coffee on the best bean to cup coffee machine every morning, you must complement it with a delicious breakfast.

You can try your hand at smoothies, If things get too stressful this takes very little time to make and you can be done very quickly. Practice making different types of smoothies when you have free time so that when you need to have breakfast on the go you can make something very quickly.

Start Meal Planning


Meal prepping is a quick and easy way to get control of your diet without having to sacrifice all of your time in the kitchen. When you meal plan you should plan your meals for the entire week. Some people go as far as planning it for two weeks or even a month. 

The aim of meal prepping is to help you to make a conscious decision about what you are eating at every meal of the day. Nothing is left up to chance. This makes it easier for you to make healthy choices along the way. 

There are several meal planning charts that you can find online. Simply print out the one that most appeal to you and start your meal planning. It’s best to do your meal plan on weekends so that you have enough time and also to make it easy to keep track of meals.

Grocery Shop With Purpose


Once you have done meal planning you need to go grocery shopping to get the right groceries for the meals you plan to eat. When you are grocery shopping you should make sure that you do it with purpose. 

Write a list and make sure that you keep it somewhere where you can grab it whenever you need it. As you go through the week and supplies get low, you should make a note of it on your list. 

Having an ongoing list will make it difficult to forget what is necessary. It also makes it harder for you to add things to the list that are unnecessary. Create your grocery list with all your healthy foods and stick to it when you go to the grocery store. 

If you can you should consider shopping online as there will be fewer distractions. When you shop for your groceries online there is no need for you to walk through the aisle and be tempted along the way to pick up things that are not healthy or nutritious.

Start Meal Prepping

vegetable skewers

Meal prepping provides you with a way of making sure your meals are ready to be cooked or popped into the microwave. 

From meal planning to shopping for your groceries to prepping your meals, it’s all connected. When you do this you are setting up yourself for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. 

Meal preparation often requires a lot of containers. Be sure to get some airtight containers to store everything you prep.

Read Your Labels

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Sometimes all it takes to know more about your food is simply to read the label that comes with it. Things are not often very complicated. Understanding what your body needs each day in terms of calorie consumption and nutrients is critical.

When you understand what your body needs you can start planning on what you should put into it. If you’re not sure about what your daily calorie intake should be, you could speak to your doctor, especially if you have a specific health condition. However, you can also speak to a nutritionist as well.

Keep a Food Journal

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You’ve probably heard about journaling and you may have even tried it yourself. However, you may not have heard of food journaling. When you do food journaling you are essentially keeping track of what you eat throughout the day. 

You should also keep track of the emotions you feel whenever you are eating. Some people eat specific foods or eat excessively when they are feeling angry or depressed. 

A food journal is a great way to examine your relationship with food and see if you are overeating or undernourishing yourself. It does require some diligence to keep a food journal, this is why it is a good idea to download a digital diary and use it for this purpose. This way you can use it on your phone and record things that come to mind instantly.

Be Accountable

There are times when you want to make healthy eating a priority but you might find a difficult to do so. Having someone with whom you can be accountable could be just what you need to stay on the healthy eating path. 

Why not ask one of your friends to become a healthy eating buddy with you? You can both plan out healthy meals that you will eat throughout the week and then follow up with each other to see the progress.

Having someone who will hold you accountable can go a long way in forcing you to make the right choices when it comes to what you eat.

Another thing you can do to hold yourself accountable is to start a healthy eating vlog or blog. There are many people out there who may be facing the same struggles as you. 

Starting a vlog or a blog about your healthy eating journey can Inspire them as well. The good thing about vlogging especially on a platform like YouTube is that you have the chance to earn from it as well. 

When you blog you can make money by selling space to advertisers or joining ad networks. Why not document your healthy eating journey and get a chance to make some money while keeping yourself more accountable?

Try Your Hand at Recipe Building


Building your recipes may be just what you need to get excited about healthy eating. If you go on social media you’ll see that there are food pages that started simply because someone took an interest in a particular type of diet for losing weight or simply to get healthy. 

You can start to create your recipes as well. Even if you don’t have to start a social media page about any new recipes that you are creating. If you enjoy good food and cooking then trying to eat healthy is a perfect way to come up with recipes that you not only enjoy but are healthy for you.

Start Planting

If you’re looking for motivation to start eating healthy then maybe you should start with your backyard garden. People who grow vegetables and fruits in their backyard are more likely to eat healthy. There’s nothing like eating your own organic produce and knowing that you have put love, time, and care into it and are now able to read the rewards.

Take the Journey

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Starting a healthy eating journey can seem daunting at first. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to understand what types of foods are healthy and do your research things will go smoothly.

You will start to have a firm understanding of the types of food you should eat. Remember, that just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean that you should not eat delicious foods. 

This is why you should consider trying your hand at your own recipes so that you can always have something on hand that you find delicious. Healthy does not ever have to sacrifice taste, so do your best as want to stay motivated.

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