How to turn your key strengths into income

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In the last few years, you might have noticed the term “side hustle” become progressively more popular in professional and public discussion. The idea of supplementing your main job with another form of generated income has really gathered steam as people look to make more money and sit higher up the financial ladder.

A side hustle can come in many forms. You could be waiting tables or delivering food on an evening, but that second job that everyone really wants is one that employs their key skills and interests and utilises them to best effect. Indeed, understanding how to turn your key strengths into another form of income is the dream for many, but what sort of areas of interest can be particularly useful in this regard?

How’s your writing?


With most of us penning emails at work all day, every day or sending out thousands of WhatsApp messages, you might actually be a better writer than you think. If you fancy yourself as a talented scribe, there are plenty of opportunities to make extra cash through your typed efforts by becoming a freelance writer.

Freelance writing, like any freelance area, is a challenging world to really get into, but with a bit of time and effort there’s plenty of room for you to build a portfolio of clients and start making good money off all sorts of content production forms.

Analytical advantages

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock of late, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of the GameStop short squeeze drama happening in the stock market – a true people vs power story that’s still hanging in the balance as we speak. The rise of easy to access and understand investment apps has led to a raft of retail investors (as in average Joes who fancy a go on the stocks) entering the market and remarkable success stories like the GameStop fiasco occurring.

If you have an analytical mind, a sense of considered risk and a tendency to be smart with your money, a trading gig might be for you. There are plenty of markets to get into – for example with Forex, trading platforms on Oanda can start your trading journey, while there are countless reliable apps available for retail investment, as well.

Passion projects


It’s every person’s dream to turn their passion into their job, and a good foundation for making those dreams a reality is to begin with injecting your hobbies and interests into a side project and see where it takes you.

Good at gaming? Start a Twitch channel. Love house music? Why not start DJing a few events? What about if you’re into arts and crafts? Set yourself up an Etsy account. Whatever your interests, it’s an amazing feeing to make some money from a pastime you’d happily do for free. And who knows, if your passion project takes off, it could lead into it becoming your main job. If not, you’re still having a blast while making some extra cash – and what’s not to love about that?

In today’s world, the perception of a 2nd job is changing. With the increased availability and accessibility of resources to help maximise your skills, you too could turn your strengths into extra income sooner than you think.

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