How to wallpaper your home effectively

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Wallpapering your home can be an intimidating prospect. It requires an eye for colour, texture, and design as well as the arduous task of actually applying it. Yet, wallpapering can often be worth the effort as it adds personality, character, and style to any room. The application of wallpaper requires special equipment and dedication from you if you want the results to look like it was professionally installed. See this definitive guide on how to wallpaper effectively here.

Gather all necessary materials

Making over your room with new wallpaper can be both exciting and daunting, but with the appropriate materials and patience, anyone can achieve stunning results. Finding all the required supplies for wallpapering shouldn’t be a difficult process. Everything needed can be easily purchased at any home improvements store.

First, choose your wallpaper carefully while keeping an eye out for how much will cover the area of interest. Once you’re prepared with these supplies, start by gathering high-quality wallpaper paste as well as scissors for trimming edges. Smoothers are great tools for smoothing out any air bubbles or wrinkles in the surface. Don’t forget a sturdy step ladder too so that you can reach those high corners easily. With all this equipment at your fingertips, your wallpapering journey can begin confidently.

Select a wallpaper pattern and colour option

Homeowners today are taking great pains to decorate their homes beautifully. Selecting a suitable wallpaper pattern and colour can make a huge impactful statement about who lives in it. Choosing an aesthetically pleasing wallpaper pattern and colour could make all the difference in a room’s overall feel and appearance.

When choosing wallpaper patterns to complement existing décor, remember that modern aesthetics may call for geometric designs with strong colour blocks while more traditional homes might prefer floral patterns with softer hues. No matter your personal taste, there’ll surely be one out there that matches perfectly your current décor.

Prepare the wall

Before applying paint or wallpaper, it’s crucial to properly prepare the wall. Cleaning off dirt, debris, and grime buildup with degreaser soap should ensure an even finish. Taking this extra step will pay dividends in terms of the final outcome of your project. For assistance on your journey towards wallpapering your home, use a beginner’s guide to wallpapering your home.

Calculate the area you plan to wallpaper

At the core of wallpaper application lies measuring your intended area for coverage, which will help to ensure that you buy enough wallpaper without waste or gaps appearing between rolls. With your measurements complete, cutting it to fit your space may initially seem intimidating, but with practice, you’ll soon become an adept wallpaper cutter. Take your time when measuring, but measure twice before cutting as mistakes can be costly. Use sharp scissors or utility knives and carefully follow measurements without cutting too much or too little at any one time. Over time, this practice will lead to accurate cuts of wallpaper that leave a beautiful, finished product behind.

Make sure that you use enough paste

Wallpapering can be an exciting DIY project that instantly transforms any room, yet if done incorrectly, can quickly turn into an exhausting headache. One of the key steps in wallpapering is applying enough paste to the back of the paper. Without enough paste, it may not adhere properly and cause unsightly air bubbles or wrinkles in the final result. Take your time when applying the paste. Being generous will result in stunning wallpaper jobs for years to come.

Help hang the paper with assistance from another person

There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as a new layer of wallpaper to freshen up a room, and if you’re up for the challenge of hanging it yourself, be sure that everything is set up to ensure success.

One key tip for hanging paper yourself is having someone to hold up pieces while you’re measuring and aligning them, making the task simpler. Once everything is hung on the wall, use your wallpaper smoother tool to press it against it for a seamless and professional finish. Soon you’ll have a beautifully wallpapered room. With patience and teamwork, you’ll soon have a beautifully wallpapered room in half the time.

Wallpapering can be an enjoyable and cost-efficient way to bring colour and charm into any room in your home. While time-consuming, wallpapering could actually save money over time as its cost per wallpaper change is far lower than painting them every time.

Done correctly, wallpaper will last years. Yet, take note. When embarking upon such projects alone or without assistance, you should always ensure you have all necessary supplies to hand before beginning. With these tips in mind, wallpapering should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for homeowners.

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