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Let’s face it, many of us don’t always put ourselves first, do we? We can often be found putting friends’ feelings before our own, looking after family, and generally focusing on other people’s feelings. It can become all-consuming, and then we find that we neglect ourselves. We can neglect ourselves in many ways, including not eating right, feeling stressed out and worried about things we can’t control and generally not taking care of number one. Of course there are times when putting others first, be it children, partners, etc, is unavoidable, but you can only be the best for them if you feel at your best yourself. Both are connected. So His & Hers couldn’t resist sharing some of the ways you can put yourself first that won’t adversely affect the people you care about and love. We hope it helps you to feel at your best.

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Making sure you are eating the right things:

When it comes to feeling our best, often what we put into our body’s what we get out of it. Filling your body with junk and a lot of sugar will only give you that sudden surge of energy that is followed by an almighty sugar crash. It isn’t pleasant and it is no good for you. So it is always worth ensuring that you are eating a healthy balanced diet. People tend to think that crash diets or extreme versions of diets are the best course of action and are healthy, but often this isn’t the case and it certainly isn’t sustainable. You want to give your body good and wholesome foods. This is when people tend to think about lifestyle changes and consider different options like veganism and vegetarianism.

Getting the right amount of water:

Water is nature’s natural detox and so it is advisable that we drink at least two litres of water per day. So His & Hers’ question to you is, do you drink that amount of water? The answer may be no, and you won’t be alone in that. It can be difficult to sustain a decent level of water intake as we often choose sugary and carbonated drinks or something caffeinated like tea or coffee. While you can enjoy these drinks in moderation, drinking the recommended daily amount of water is good for you, and can benefit you in other ways, such as healthy skin tone and good quality sleep. So if you are struggling a handy tip is to keep a water bottle close by so that you are reminded to keep those water levels topped up.

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Exercising and what you might need to think about:

Exercise is another thing that can have you feeling good in yourself and get those endorphins pumping around your body, but if you are not normally one for exercising then you may find that you struggle to get into the habit of doing it. If you struggle with breathing difficulties like asthma you may also be less inclined to exercise as your breathing may be affected by the increased heart rate or conditions in which you are training in. However, having a Ventolin inhaler can help open up the airwaves and allow you to catch you breath more easily. Sometimes it is just about developing habits and being consistent, and once you get over that brick wall of exercise being tough you may find that you actually enjoy the physical activity and use it as some time for you to enjoy.

Having confidence in what you wear:

You can boost your confidence simply by experimenting with what you wear and having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to your wardrobe. For example, even whittling your belongings down to a capsule wardrobe will encourage you to be creative and wear new things. If you love what you’re wearing, then you can feel a sudden surge of confidence which in turn can help you to feel incredible.

Your mind is a powerful tool:

Finally, your mind is a powerful tool and in many cases can be the stumbling block when it comes to putting yourself first. A great way to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself last is to focus on your mindset and how you feel. Having a positive thought process and making sure that you keep your mind focused on a positive outlook can make all the difference.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Healthline, Simple Online Pharmacy and Fulfilment Daily and we hope these tips help you to put yourself first this summer.

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