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So many of the world’s most famous women have turned heads and made moments that are talked about for years, if not decades, after by showing off unbelievable examples of flawless fashion. The choice of women’s dresses that they’ve rocked when filming a TV or movie scene or when walking the red carpet are often utterly show-stopping at the time. However, which fashion moments have gone down as the most memorable?

In this article, we not only remember some of the most iconic and inspiring designer dresses, but also advise you on how to replicate the look by purchasing dresses available right now on the high-street…

Meghan Markle

celebrity dresses

It was only a few months ago that 18 million people across the UK watched the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. Many were tuning in to catch the first glimpse of the bride’s wedding gown. But in fact, Markle’s second outfit choice also got people talking. For the evening, the new bride opted for a silk crepe, sleeveless, high-neck gown designed by Stella McCartney that fell flawlessly over her petite frame — and it’s a style that many of us would love to have sitting in our own wardrobes.

You’ll be able to show off your shoulders in an elegant manner by opting for a halter-neck, sleeveless look. This style works best when the skirt of your dress is midi or even maxi, to get the ideal level of skin exposure. Of course, you don’t have to stick to white. Purple is a big colour this fashion season and slipping on a pair of simple, mid-heels and only a few pieces of jewellery — perhaps droplet earrings and a small selection of matching rings — will let you harness the chic, understated vibe of this style. If you have a more casual event, go for a shorter skirt or one with a high/low frill hem.

Britney Spears

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Britney Spears grabbed the headlines for all the right reasons when she showed up at the 2001 American Music Awards in a denim dress. Back when Britney and Justin were possibly the most famous celebrity couple, the singer’s every fashion movement was scrutinised — and this is perhaps her most iconic. Styled and shaped like a ball gown, Spears’ sleeveless, floor-length dress featured a fitted bodice, metallic belt and even short train to give the impression of jeans-inspired formality. Whether you love denim or just like alternative takes on standard outfits, try getting the high-street version of this. Looking to tone down the formal element of this famous look? Then select a pinafore or shirt-style dress in light-blue denim. Be sure to also use a waist belt to nip you in for a flawless figure-hugging outline. Get the ‘dressed up’ look on your next night out by selecting a fitted, mini style that you can pair with stilettos and accessories, or go for a black-denim, shift dress with thin straps for an alternative blend of low-maintenance denim and high-fashion style. Here’s to bringing a little bit of 2001 inspiration into 2018! Although you probably won’t want your boyfriend to coordinate his look with yours!

Jennifer Lopez

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So many people looked on in amazement when Jennifer Lopez appeared at the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000 dressed in a green, silk chiffon gown. Designed by Donatella Versace, this stunning dress featured a jungle print and a daring, plunging neckline that opened all the way to the singer’s navel — secured with a sparkling green brooch.  All over the world, people went wild for this innovative gown. According to former Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, it was the most popular search query ever and even led to the launch of Google Image Search! Described as a turning point in Versace’s career, emulating this flawless look is simple.

You’ll be able to show off a stunning, flowing silhouette whatever your body shape by wearing a silk chiffon dress. Select a style with a long-at-the-back hemline to show off your legs and recreate the daring-but-sophisticated appeal of the famous jungle dress — asymmetric cuts will also look good and make sure you choose a bold, eye-catching colour to stand out from the crowd. Tropical prints are popular this fashion season — although check and animal patterns also work well — while long-sleeves help create an elegant balance of exposed skin. Don’t feel you have to go as low at the front as J-Lo, though. Plunging necklines certainly inject a touch of glamour into an outfit, but you can get the same effect by going for a simple v-neck and enhancing your dress with statement jewellery and high heels to make sure you’re ready for a special evening.

Julia Roberts

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One of the most celebrated women in film has to be Julia Roberts. After all, she has appeared in so many blockbuster movies and also has an Oscar win among her remarkable list of accomplishments. Obviously, the actress has donned many outfits during her on-screen time, but perhaps one of the most iconic costumes is the red, off-the-shoulder dress she wore with long, white evening gloves in Pretty Woman. Created by designer, Marilyn Vance-Straker, this scarlet column dress, featured a sweetheart neckline and sat elegantly off the shoulder to create a beautiful silhouette that looked innovative, yet timeless. So, how do you get the high-street version?

The entire design of this gown showcases feminine elegance at its best. If you have a special occasion coming up, this style is ideal. Stick with the sweetheart neckline but opt for a shorter hemline or even an asymmetric skirt cut to tone down the formality. Pair with wrap-round heels and keep jewellery to a minimum — chokers look particularly good with this neckline and a simple, neutral-shade clutch will finalise the look perfectly. Wearing your hair up will help show off the outline of the dress, too.


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For her appearance at the 1986 Academy Awards, Cher certainly made an impact. The legend of music and film was asked to present the Best Supporting Actor award and made sure she wouldn’t be upstaged by the winner in a black, jewel-encrusted gown with matching plumed headpiece designed by Bob Mackie. Split into a hip-hugging skirt and criss-cross bralet, the outfit was captivatingly daring for an Oscars event and has gone down in film industry history as one of the most famous outfits ever.

You will need to show plenty of confidence if you’re going to perfectly showcase the essence of this awe-inspiring look. Show off your curves by pairing a black cami bralet with a long, side-split skirt or opt for a midriff cut-out maxi dress. Swap the plumed headwear for a diamante headband and add to the glamour with a pair of embellished, slingback heels. Cher wonderfully made her bold outfit perfect for the sophisticated Academy Awards by complementing her exposed midriff with a loose-fit jacket — get the same effect with a chiffon kimono.

Marilyn Monroe

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A combination of her beauty, her talent and her off-screen endeavours will ensure that Marilyn Monroe is highly regarded for many, many years to come yet. However, which of the pop culture icon’s renowned outfits beats them all to be the most iconic? For most of us, seeing Monroe playfully pushing down the skirt of her white cocktail dress in the film, The Seven Year Itch, is an enduring image that sums up the actress’ spirit and appeal. The backless, sleeveless dress, designed by William Travilla, featured a below-the-knee skirt and halter-like bodice with a plunging neck — risqué for the 1950s. Striking the perfect balance between elegance and seductiveness, this outfit is still inspiring designers today and even sold at auction in 2011 for $4.6 million!

Search for a high-street dress that has a ‘vintage party’ vibe if you want to embody the Monroe appeal with your look. This dress style has a distinctive time-honoured elegance to it, yet, it looks ideal for a fun girls’ night. Go for a pleated midi skirt or lace embellishment for a beautiful retro appeal, then update the look in the upper section. Monroe makes up for the modest skirt hemline by showing more shoulder and arms — do the same with a Bardot or plunge neckline and polish off your 1950s-inspired look with mid-heel sandals and a pretty, floral hair slide.

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