Light Your Life: Interesting Ways To Illuminate A Home

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illuminate your home

There isn’t much point in throwing yourself into the interior design of your home if you can’t see any of it. Even with large windows, most buildings tend to be fairly dark on the inside, and this only gets worse at night. Your rooms will already have a ceiling light or two, and these will be able to do the job of illuminating your space quite well. Unfortunately, though, at the same time, they’re very boring. To give you some alternatives, this post will be exploring some of most interesting ways to bring light into your home.

Fake Fire

In the past, fire was the only light source which people were able to control. Fire isn’t exactly the safest thing to have around your home, though, especially if the place is made out of wood. This has lead several companies to come out with lighting products which replicate the movement and glow of fire, without providing the heat which this chaotic element brings. Examples in the past never looked great, but they’ve improved over the last decade or so, making them worth consideration when you’re going through this process.

Real Fire

Of course, while fire is often dangerous, there are ways to tame it, and you can still use it at home with minimal risk. Fireplaces, for example, are a great place for fire, as they are designed for it. Candles are alright, but you will need to make sure that they are inside some sort of heat resistant container. You should never leave a fire on its own, as a blaze can often be solved very quickly, but will go out of control if you ignore it.

Roof Lights

The normal lights which hang from roofs provide ample light in a room, but never feel very natural. Even cheap roof lanterns can solve this issue, giving you an even distribution of light across the room, without forcing you to have lamps dotted about. This type of light comes in loads of different varieties and materials, like aluminium, plastic, and even wood, making it extremely easy to get the to fit in your room.

Hidden Lamps

There are loads of different types of lamp available on the market, and there are examples which offer some unique features. Being completely hidden within something else is one of these, with furniture and ornaments producing their own sources of light. This can be achieved using LED strips, and a lot of companies have starting going down this route, making it easy to find items which will tick these boxes. You will have to be careful with this, though, as some will only come with lights in one colour.

Plant-Based Lights

It’s always been popular to have plants around your home. This natural feature can make a space feel completely different, making the air cleaner and adding color to the design work you’ve already done. By pairing this with lighting, you can make a feature which people will struggle to ignore. Fairy lights are good for this, though you may also be able to find a plant pot which has a light inside it, giving you plenty of options if you decide to follow this route.

Water Features

Water features used to be very expensive and hard to install, as they would have to be plumbed into the house. Modern examples aren’t like this, and will usually come with their own water tanks, making it possible to keep the flow going, even without a mains connection. With the way that light interacts with water, it makes sense to add these two elements together. There are few betters ways to use light in a unique and interesting fashion.


Over the last couple of years, a lot of different companies have started adding lighting to their products. TVs have ambient lights which hit the wall behind them, computer keyboards light up when you use them, and even the edges of some furniture can be radiant; you just need to find the right products. It’s worth doing some research when you’re approaching this, as most people will be able to achieve similar results with LED strips and their existing furniture.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding interesting illumination for your home. It can be hard to keep your place fresh without a little bit of light, and most people want to take their own approach with this sort of work. Whatever route you take, though, it’s worth taking your time and doing it slowly.

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