5 Ways To Insulate Your Home

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insulate your home

Insulation can help to trap heat in your home, preventing you from having to turn on the heating as often in winter and saving you money on your energy bills. There are lots of ways to insulate your home. Here are just five places in your home worth insulating.

insulate your home

Your loft

A home can lose 25% of its heat through an uninsulated loft. This is because heat naturally rises. There are multiple ways to insulate your loft. The most common and cheapest way is to use thermal wool or insulating boards. These can be installed oneself and can be very effective. Those willing to pay a little extra may prefer to opt for spray-on insulation foam. Whilst this must be done by a professional, it is by far the most effective form of insulation.   

Your windows

A lot of heat can also get lost through windows. You can insulate your windows via a number of methods. When it comes to permanent modifications, installing double or triple glazing can be one of the most effective options. Another stylish option could be to install plantation shutters as detailed at this blog. There are also temporary measures that you can take – a thick pair of winter curtains could be enough to trap heat in, whilst window insulating film can also be bought as a removable alternative to double glazing.

Your walls

Heat can also be lost through the walls of your home. There are two forms of wall insulation – internal and external. Internal insulation generally involves spraying insulation foam into the cavity wall and is the most effective. Not all walls have cavities, in which external insulation may be a better option. This can be achieved by fitting insulation boards onto the walls and then covering them in cement or cladding.

Your floor

It’s also possible for heat to be lost through your home’s floor. This is common in older homes with floorboards that may have gaps in between large enough to let out heat (and let in drafts). Carpets tend to offer more insulation, but are not the most effective method. Instead, you’re better off laying insulation boards below your flooring. This guide offers more information on floor insulation. 

Your plumbing

Heat can also be lost through pipes before it even reaches you radiators, resulting in more energy needing to be used to heat your home. Pipe insulation can prevent this from happening. This involves wrapping pipes with insulating lagging. You can also insulate your boiler to prevent this losing unnecessary heat. Such jobs are best carried out by a qualified plumber. 

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