Interesting Royal Tails

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Royal Tails

You may be thinking that there is a misspelt word in the title, but it’s meant to be just that! Actually, the Royals have had a long love affair with their dogs and, as you would expect, they are treated like royalty. While the average person shops about for pet insurance, the palace pups have their own veterinary doctor and behaviourist on staff and always on call! Of course, you love your family dogs enough to ensure they have the same medical cover that you do with the NHS, so you will need to find dog insurance fit for a king, or queen, in this instance. Let’s see what else you can give your pups to make them feel like royal tails.

A Royal Honour Bestowed on Edward VII’s Beloved Canine

Upon his death, the Queen’s great-grandfather, Edward VII, deemed that his beloved canine should walk in procession at his funeral. This is a royal honour typically only reserved for the royal family, but Caesar, the King’s fox terrier, was bestowed that honour and did solemnly march behind his beloved master. Although King Edward VII died years before the current monarch’s birth, his love of dogs was passed down the line and the present Queen is said to lavish her dogs with the same gifts as her great-grandfather did.

A Feast Fit for a King

No canned dog food for the royal Corgis and, as a matter of fact, the Queen loves her Corgis to such an extent that the palace chef prepares fresh food for her dogs daily. Meals are rotated between beef, chicken, rabbit and lamb, and no two consecutive days are the same. Even the Princes have been known to bring home fresh catch for the royal pups and that is a treat to cherish. However, the current reigning monarch is not the first in a line of succession to pamper her pups – her grandchildren all have dogs too!

You Can Raise Royal Dogs Too!

One of the most important aspects of raising a dog is keeping it healthy. Whilst you don’t have a palace veterinary doctor on staff, you can check out insurance for pets on sites like Everypaw. The one thing you may want to do, however, is to research foods that are safe to feed to dogs if you want to cook meals for your loyal furry friends. Some foods are toxic to dogs, so it is imperative that you understand that tomatoes and raisins, for example, are poisonous for canines and should never be fed to them. Regular vet checks and plenty of play time are what your beloved fur baby requires so you can raise a royal tail with just a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of love.

If you have ever watched the Queen greet crowds, you may have noticed that she really does love Corgis. She has been known to stop and pet Corgis in the crowds, but it seems as those days are a thing of the past. Even so, the royals do love their tails and that’s a tale to be told.

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