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Fireplace Design


If you’re looking for a modern or classic style fireplace, we can safely say Smart Fire have the perfect fire for any home.

Whether you are a newly married couple, have just moved into your first home, or your space simply needs sprucing up, we have some interior design pairings which will mix in perfect harmony with your fireplace.

A Feel of the Future

As we progress further through time we see changes in home fashion and interior design. As soon as we see a glimpse of a possible trend in the market, our minds get creative in what we can do, even more so when it comes to futuristic designs.

Futuristic designs are going to be big, and as they are erupting into interiors and fashion, strong lines are prominent. Not only this, but we are seeing metallic materials used in abundance, alongside huge contrasts of colours.

Many find a monochrome design pairing a modern match made in heaven. A futuristic cube fire or bio ethanol firebox added to your monochromatic design brings an extra touch of the future to complete your design dreams. Be sure to choose a contrasting colour of fire surrounds to give an added edge to your home.

A Traditional Touch of Class

No matter how styles and trends change, there is always one which transcends time, in this case it’s a classic old style. The specific elements, which almost take you back in time, make you take a step back to admire the detailing of furnishings, the mantelpiece and the chandelier above – all elements which are still very much lusted after for a classic retro finish.

Smart Fire not only love a futuristic design pairing, but we believe that the power classic design holds is one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Not only does a space like this give a traditional and practical feel, but it also provides a room with a warm homely feel. Many believe this style is still a design dream, giving all your visitors and guests a sure gasp with interior design jealousy.

Be sure to pair your grand fireplace with more minimalistic colours such as pastel shades and furnishings to ensure your fire is in the spotlight for all guests to see. If you’re going for a more classic style, it’s important you don’t overpower the room with too much colour.

Simplistic yet Stylish

If you consider yourself to be more of a minimalist, a simpler arrangement may be more acquired to your taste. By utilising a humble paint palette more tailored to creams, magnolias and whites, you can be more experimental with your accessories and other aspects of the room – including your fire.

This way, even a vase of flowers will become a vibrant piece of art in the corner. This type of styling works well in smaller spaces, as there is no overpowering sense of design, distracting from the important parts of your interior.

A fire is a perfect addition to a small and simple space, as it can be a focal point of the room. Consider using a bio ethanol burner if you’re going for a simplistic look, as it is a portable and efficient fire, with no need for a chimney or flue. Investing in this type of fire means you can move your fire with ease, instantly changing the arrangement and dynamic of your space.

Bohemian/Vintage Chic

In today’s society, people are aware of the need to recycle and reuse everything. Ensuring the efficiency of all items in a room and creating a stunning and stylish space in the home is now equally important. These types of interiors are becoming more of a trend and are merging their way into home fashion and lifestyle, becoming a staple within interior design.

By combining a bohemian style with an ultra-chic fire, you can merge modern and vintage assets to create a bold and characteristic statement in your home. Accessories such as bunting and antique furniture pieces alongside a more modern fireplace creates the perfect contradiction, creating a fun and more personal flare to a home.

Pair floral or bright wallpapers with plain white framed art and soft furnishings to bring out the vintage feel in your space. Don’t be afraid to upcycle, by purchasing pre-loved furniture and adding a new coat of paint. This shabby chic look will complement a smart fire perfectly. Plus, smart fires are super eco-friendly, producing no smoke and 12% less greenhouse gas emissions than any other fire.

Smart Fire are a leading supplier of Bioethanol and Biofuel fires, working with many reputable brands such as Eco-Smart Fire to provide you with an eco-friendly and stylish heating and interior design solution.

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